Strange to me we live in a time where wants are a primary driving force in daily human activity, but the deep seated wants, the wants that ache the soul until the will becomes stirred so much it begins to spill out into behaviors and actions-quite frequently people hide these deep inner wants as if someone could take them from you. But this is the part people have gotten all twisted up on and confused. No one can take what you want and you can’t even take them for yourself. These wants are something you create with yourself being in life, in the world, with love. As for the other means of manufacturing desire, these are false teachers and can be taken and will remain just past your own fingertips. For these other things identified as wants, are not created, they are taken by all kinds of means and tossed into this chaotic mix, frequently leading to confusion, anxiety, depression, illness. May you not be confused by sentiments such as follow your bliss or your dreams or other such externally enforced words called encouragement or empowerment, instead reach in deep, seek out your own sense of knowing, which from what I have learned, comes in all ways of description, and for me has always resided in a feeling-an instinct. This instinct tied to the common knowledge often overlooked-the moon, the seasons, tides, beauty, an attitude of contentment and wholeness, the emotional and psychological, the galactic and planetary nature which all comes and returns.

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