In today’s ease of availability to information and reliable facts, is been a strange experience to encounter the insistence of ideas based in beliefs repeatedly showing themselves to be counterproductive to creating balanced and functional societies. 
People around the world are in shock, disbelief there could be any kind of support for extreme and radical thinking and actions. When historically, this kind of thinking and actions tend to result in more harm than harmony.
Even common phrases such as the one above are often misunderstood and with more information and dialogue can open up to an interesting and functional realm. 
“The phrase originated in ancient Greece and may originally have been proverbial. It is illustrated by two of Aesop’s Fables and a similar sentiment is found in ancient Greek drama. Although it has been commonly attributed to Benjamin Franklin, the modern English wording appears earlier in Algernon Sidney’s work.
The phrase is often mistaken as a scriptural quote, but is not stated verbatim in the Bible. However, there are many verses which underscore believers’ duties to work both for themselves and their families, such as Proverbs 6:10-11, 12:11, 12:24, 13:4, and I Timothy 5:8.
Some Christians[1] have criticized the expression as being contrary to the Bible’s message of God’s grace. A variant of the phrase can also be found in the Quran (13:11).[2]”

  1. (of a word or phrase) referred to in a proverb or idiom.
    “I’m going to stick out like the proverbial sore thumb”
    • well known, especially so as to be stereotypical.
      “the Welsh people, whose hospitality is proverbial”

If one then goes in and analyses the text, starting with words and grammar structures, the underlying content of the message conveyed can be examined. And what is the value of such criticality of reading, language and texts? Expanded knowledge, understanding and awareness. Not an expansion that comes from a euphoria of ah-ha moment, but one that is worked for. 

This is not to say, such function as a dominating rule in life, but simply there are times when concentrated effort has a greater functional role than non-concentrated effort, or passivity. Knowing the difference, and knowing when to apply different actions of effort is not an achieved state of being-but rather one that requires steady development. As people, continuing approaching a future, and having ability to vote and impart influence on choices, personal and public, this kind of effort is necessary, lest people resort to messiah complexes, and seeking of saviours for their lives.
While not everything in life can be known, a lot of things can always be learned, and this kind of growth, learning, creating orientation also tends to come along with feelings of wholeness and fulfilment in life. Which-Consequently tends to create happiness and contentment. The big mental health problems the people living in this age are suffering from is self and socially created by complex contracts and constructs of factors of abuse, domination, control, and manipulation. Addressing these areas leads people into greater realms of agency and creating ability in their life. And after this, there are still many steps forward. And such a journey may seem daunting at first look, but such a journey can also be seen as part of the gift of life and the gift we can create for future humans.
Yes, I am personally concerned about these things as I self identify as a humanist. There are sneaky indicating factors of desire I witness in media that are promoting development of higher intelligence forms. These “higher intelligences” as they are described and promoted in the terms of “bettering” society and “progress” stand in the face of the potential for sublimating human beings. This is not some kind of cautionary WATCH OUT and be scared statement. But simply a request to consider what is at stake in our lives, as a species of mammal on the planet Earth. When we wake in the morning, when we are voting, when we are promoting ideas, attempting to form a reality, each and everyone’s efforts for themselves and for their knowledge and understanding also contributes to maintaining the amazing freedoms humans experience, and also further liberating people from their suffering and anguish-formed from idealism and beliefs (which exist in the realm of the mind) and sometimes create more enjoyable reality, and sometimes do not.
Exercise your choices. Everything I say to you, I am also saying to myself.
There are not more tasks or things that always need to be done. There are always great opportunities to edit and live closely to personal values, or as some people call-living based on their heart. Some people say the opposite of love is fear. The opposite of love is a constriction of the heart vessel itself. When a heart becomes compressed under continual muscle strain, the potential for death rises. And so when fear is experience in the body, as a muscular contraction of life moving vessels (hearts, bodies, veins) the hardest and wisest choice for living remains the heart.
The heart beats life out to the body and to the world around.

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