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Biography: Rachel Wolfe, born 1984 in rural Illinois. Foundational training in dance, vocals, and piano developed into interdisciplinary work in images, installations, drawing, video, fiber, writing, and performance. Wolfe studied formally and practically in several areas including advertising, interior design, sociology, photography, energetic arts, contemporary art, and language. She graduated with a BA in 2006 and MFA in 2015. Her work has been collected and exhibited in the United States, Europe, and Asia.


Statement: Water, ice, and rocks are repeated themes in Wolfe’s work. Ideas about Place, Subjectivity, and the Irrespirable drive her aestheticised constructions. With literal and material focus on the relationship between Vision and Body, the works mediate sensual experiences on The Nature of Desire, or what moves a Body. Her art making runs parallel to research in the field of Embodied Cognition.


Contact: Currently based in Oslo, Norway, exhibiting internationally
Exhibitions, commissions, photography: email
Selected books: Sensitive Chaos, one on Floating, and many more
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Expose: The area of research my work parallels is Embodied Cognition, which is a theory of cognition expressed as cognition being comprised of more than the brain alone. Human experience, often studied in the 3 areas of cognition, perception & emotion, has lead to illuminating findings. A flaw in compartmentalised study has been subjecting emotion to the act of pathologization, while cognition and perception forefront public and artistic dialogues. I seek balance among cognition, perception and emotion and an expansion through art. I see art and culture production as sites of evidence, research and for continued human development.

rachel-wolfe_becoming-as-a-tree-web-1I’m interested in complex conversations among relationships between Body and Vision, Space and Subjectivity, perceived divides between Materiality and Metaphysical, Ranges of Tolerance, Vulnerability, Intrinsic (versus informed) Desire, nature, realness, and reverence for water.

RachelWolfe_Oslo2014_web-15_745Turning often to a relationship with nature and a reached for objective observation through elemental subjects, I am occupied by studying trauma and the methods in which historic sites created by war or devastation are memorialized. Modes of knowledge production through nontraditional human senses of the body, such as: breath regulation, intrinsic nervous system control, dream states, perception at dusk, and proprioception and chronoception- or the perception of feeling through time, are used to activate meditative experiences from which to draw Visual information and methods of creating from.

I have taught in experiential formats since 2012 and worked as a photographer since 2008 in the areas of documentary, nature, portraiture, events, travel and culture, and documenting works of artists, designers and architects. I am interesting in speaking and dialogues in public forums on Development, Attribution, Sensitisation, and the body’s non-visible- yet- material connections with earthy elements.

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