Water, movement, embodied ways of knowing. I work with cameras and performance to visualise subtle communication for la beau monde creatif.

Dance, Music, Taoism, Chinese Medicine developed the orientation I work with:
Body creates mind- Sense experience roots vision.

My work locates territories of The Real and Imaginary to absolve constructs between body and mind. The divide between metaphysical and material an Imaginary projection from the Real. Epistemology and perceptual phenomenology guide my choices in depicting the defacto human, nature relationships construed for objects of desire. That human belief in a separation of mind and body, and body of nature, a misunderstanding of life, I work to make visible an understanding of connection, to bring people together, to talk about, to feel, to see, to work with the heart of subtle modes of communication which move bodies.

Technology indubitably alters relationship, commerce, everyday human activity. Technological ephemera is material – what cannot be touched, results in a physical manifestation. Data centres in the seas generate heat. A practice in seeing and light alters vision. Migrant transitions change resources. A body compared or taken up by technology suffers. For what can we know of as wrong we know first in the body. All choices have costs.

My work speculates and recapitulates Jouissance. The Grandeur and Abjection of modern life’s ideas on Labor and Value. The nature, spectrum of surreal and real, human pattern recognition, algorithmic data technology, geography, topology, and material phenomena relative to cosmological and earthly changes, are used in my work.

Recent installations incorporate photography, video, performance, transitory objects, ready mades, and mixed-media.