The relationship between Vision and Body roots my practice as an artist. I am interested in embodied ways of knowing. Based on personal experience living with synesthesia, and research in epistemology and perceptual phenomenology, I work to make perceptions of transitional experience visible. To reveal harmonies and discrepancies in subjectivity, reality, and where the two convene.

What the viewer can see what is in the picture is ok, but more interesting is to create work so the picture can be sensed by the viewer who may simultaneously see how they are seeing.

My background in dance, music, and photography inform my choices in mediums of image, installation, video, performance of body and voice in galleries, public spaces, and nature. In this way, my artistic practice produces Visual Art; Visual Art as photographs and images, Visual Art that can be touched (mounted to architectural features/support structures and walls) or felt as in tactile fibres, Visual Art as moving images as video projected into installation spaces and hand held devices in social media, and performances of dance and voice/singing which are also recorded for projection.

My interest in the internal arts of Taoism and Chinese Medicine create an orientation which understands the body as the creator of the mind. From this position, I am interested in developmental psychology and embodied learning techniques, working through literature on Locus of Control, liminal and liminoid transitions. I make art as a means of research and production of cultural objects for contemplation and beauty, to open up pathways to commune with life. Winter, water, architecture, and time are reoccurring themes, with architecture and nautical vessels often directly incorporated in the work.

I maintain professional and documentary work in photography and writing, and teach movement and meditation through Yoto Studio.