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Rachel Wolfe is an artist and photographer. She was born in 1984, alongside the Rock River and grew up across from a nuclear power station between Byron and Oregon, Illinois. Her foundation in dance, drawing, and piano, inform her interdisciplinary work. An enduring attraction to beauty in nature is evident in her images, installations, photography, and mixed-medium projects. Wolfe views art in service to exposing and embracing the poetic and sensual aspects of the human condition. Her work often emphasizes the ephemeral qualities of technology, aesthetics, and trade as entryways into conversations on the knowledge of the body and navigating cultural values.

Wolfe studied in areas of design, communications, sociology, photography, art, and history. She completed a BA in 2006 and MFA in 2015. Her work has been collected and exhibited in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Awards and scholarships are: First place by the jury, Imagining New Eurasia exhibition in Gwanju, South Korea. Woelffer scholarship, academic merit award from Otis College of Art and Design, Academic scholarship for sociology study in Matsuyama Japan, Historic Pathways winner from Indiana State University.

Rachel currently resides in Norway, and is available for international commission and assignment work in photography, design, installation, and writing. She mentors 1:1 and in small group settings, and when she’s not working, having her nose in a book, or hiking mountains, you may occasionally find her singing.



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