ESPLA, 2010. A photography book of medium-format film exposures from the greater Los Angeles county area. The book focuses in the areas of passage and transition. An image from the publication was featured on the cover of VIA Publication in 2013.

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A preview of the images in the book:

RachelWolfeESPLA Shell RWolfe_Entangled rwolfeespla rwolfeespla2 rwolfeespla3 rwolfeespla4 rwolfeespla14 rwolfeespla17 rwolfeespla18 rwolfeespla19 rwolfeespla20 rwolfeespla24 rwolfeespla26 rwolfeespla28 rwolfeespla29 rwolfeespla32 rwolfeespla33 rwolfeespla40 rwolfeespla41 rwolfeespla43 rwolfeespla50 rwolfeespla56 rwolfeespla62 rwolfeespla64 rwolfeespla66 rwolfeespla68 rwolfeespla69 rwolfeespla80