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Praksis residency overview

This week marks the completion of my first artistic residency after graduate school. As an overview, I have planned to write a post about each specific site during the residency to perform as both an archive, diary, and site for future reference. There were quite a plenty experience with the residents and participated individually I would like to cover. Some of the images at the end of this entry offer hints about the writing to come.

The month-long residency with PRAKSIS Oslo, in Oslo Norway, involved balancing working (for wages) and the deeply laborious effort of artistic practice. As a group, we visited several sites to encounter specific bodily experiences such as an anechoic chamber in Moss, Norway.  The delightfully accommodating SEAS had our group to experience their chamber. At once I felt myself atop a snowy mountain and deep within a sort of Platonic cave without any shadows. Several of the artists experienced the sensory deprivation experience where I had been working at Bare Flyt in the Sagene area of Oslo. We visited the Vigeland Mausoleum with an echoic resonance making of the voice, a sense of a holy experience. Most days of the week, several of the artists would gather at NOTAM, and we would discuss our individual projects and where they intersect. We met with Stephanie von Spreter, the director of Fotogalleriet, as she graciously joined our meetings to review our work. The organisers of PRAKSIS, Nicholas Jones and Charlotte Teyler, hosted several delightful dinners in which members from art, educational and political actions in Oslo joined us for some memories I feel honoured to raise a glass towards.

The sort of things we discussed were plenty, but some themes that contininually surfaced:

synchonicities, esp, perception, embodied sensations, the real, imagined, virtuality, personal biography, the other, whether or not free will or choice really exists and the implications, what constitutes collaboration and through careful consideration by the lead artist of the residency, Lindsay Seers, we landed upon corroboration.

The theme during March – April 2017 was A Global State of Pareidolia was joined by eight with experience encompassing art, music and neuroscience: Gunnlaug Bina Kuløy (NO), Anne Haaning (DK), Milenasong (DE/NO), Jeremy Olson (US), Lindsay Seers (GB), Nina Torp (NO), Rachel Wolfe (US), Monika Żak (PL). More information about each resident can be found in the PRAKSIS registry. The residency was also visited by Nina Rodin.

This residency offered a stark contrast to many of the institutional experience I encountered during graduate school. I was surprised and encouraged by the supreme openness, warmth, curiosity, and supportive nature of this group of genuine artists. Quite often, I will find closures or endings terribly tragic, that all promises to remain in contact result to be words in vain. This time there really was not a sense of goodbye, but the real sense of vi ses, or we see, next time.

And so I am reminded of a poem I wrote in Chicago and performed at the Green Mill many years ago. At this juncture of writing and saying aloud these words, I was in a a cognitive space where I found the division between work and leisure to be a construct of value only to the markets which asked me to pay my wage to their products or objects. I sought a life where there would be no division of work and leisure. That even this word leisure seemed in 2007 (or was it 2006, or 2008?) an ideal about an attitude. What if the ridged way of marking time with days, hours, activities could be dissolved? Of course these kind of descriptors of time remain in play today, and quite often I may appear as a totally absent minded person, but more importantly, this seeking I had set out for became fully realized throughout the duration of the residency. I brought with me to the residency a vague notion we may create a work together or share an accumulation of many small works together one day (as Lindsay has already been creating several videos for each of the residents), and gained something more immediately of value-the dissolving of concepts, beliefs, allusions. A more cohesive experience of living and creating. Yes, I experience this quite as sensationally as it may sound. To be a more complete and whole practitioner of embodied reality, not forced or coerced by preset standards. And again, as in science, quite often the proof has been created by whatever set our minds towards. Here is the poem, at last:

rendezvous daydreams
sit atop a twiddle my thumbs tuesday
aching for the ever acclaimed weekend
i bide my time with silly banter until
we can be near
my dear
i’m singin’ a tune you had better listen to
but no good at games
i’m claiming innocence and honesty
will someday gather me a man
who can handle my moves
not try to tame my heart
but hold my hand
no room for tears
for we never say goodbye
only see you next time





Ceiling of anechoic chamber at NRK
Vigeland Masoleum image courtesy of their website
Heavy Water from Rjukan
Metronome in the SEAS anechoic chamber
foggy walk on chainlink fenced off terrain
interior of the anechoic chamber at SEAS in Moss
completed full body participating knitted work of errors
the egg at the floating center in sagene
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Reviewing thoughts and more research

Rachel-Wolfe_making-sense-8_533For those of you who experienced my thesis art exhibition “Making Sense“…which resulted after studying nuclear energy, heavy water and liminal psychological states. The room which was created of an immersive blue light, with a monolithic water image, a triptych 30seconds of Lake Michigan. The immersive experiential art environment I later find can also provide effective treatment of liver and gall-bladder problems. While blue color therapy with use of blue lights provides a material treatment, the simulated effects of the thesis went through the psychological route as a photography gel was created. This was designed this way to relate the way a visual stimulus can impact material reality through the psyche. The visual realm is not disconnected from the physical or bodily realm as cartesian dualism would so describe it. But rather, as accepted and maintained in traditions of Chinese five element theory, are one and of the same. While a real blue light may have a stronger and more direct impact, a psychological route into the body can also produce some of the same effects. Some of the feedback I received during the critique was the room felt like a spa, or a place of trade or commerce, or that perhaps it stemmed from my own psychological state. Of which all of these are correct assessments. Make no mistake, artists are not involved in the production of anything other than that which they want to create. They may create these things for the sake of their selves, to communicate an idea, to provide an experience, all kinds of reasons. But ultimately, to artists and people interested in creating…reasons don’t matter. Reality, and creating matters. And so it would “make sense” to create this after my personal experience of living in Los Angeles while attending graduate school.

From the excellent resource:

Liver & Gall-bladder Problems

Detoxify with the Basic Cleanse, then from time to time, say once a month, repeat the first part of it: 3 days on apples only, in the evening activate the liver with a castor oil pack, at bedtime take half a cup of olive oil with lecithin and next morning a glass of warm water with a tablespoon of Epsom salts. This removes gallstones and cholesterol deposits from the liver and gall bladder.

Minimize exposure to chemicals and drugs and sanitize the intestines. Helpful nutrients are lecithin, antioxidants (including10 g of vitamin C,  lipoic acid and Microhydrin), B-vitamins, especially B6 and B12, magnesium, MSM, selenium, silymarin and zinc. L-cysteine and Kyolic aged garlic help to detoxify. Stimulate the liver with bitter teas, use half a cupful after meals or take in capsules: centaury, dandelion, devil’s claw, gentian, golden seal, and rosemary.

With persisting problems continue with the castor oil packs. Jaundice may be caused by drugs and chemicals, liver infection, gall-duct blockage and increased destruction of red blood cells (protect with high amounts of vitamin E). Try to remove the cause of the jaundice, also treat systemically with blue colour therapy.



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Now Trending Exhibition


June 9 – July 24, 2016. Opening reception 6-9pm, June 9th.

Palos Verdes Art Center, 5504 West Crestridge Road, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275


My work 30seconds of Lake Michigan is on exhibition at the Palos Verdes Art Center. (work on the left wall)






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Real self image

Real self image, 2015. Scrolling touch screen installation.

chrome image

fade image

green image

instant image

mono image

noir image

none image (original)

process image

real image

tonal image

transfer image


chrome_960 fade_960 green_960 instant_960 mono_960 noir_960 original_960 process_960 real_960 tonal_960 transfer_960

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Thesis exhibition – Making Sense

Exhibition at the Bolsky Gallery
Rachel-Wolfe_making-sense-1_800Materials List:Nautical Twilight2015
450nm of Tokyo blue photography gel
dimensions variable

Salt of the Earth
100kg of Mediterranean sea salt
dimensions variable

30sec of photographing lake Michigan in Winter
digital negative triptych, 33.02cm x 48.26cm ea.

35mm photograph of Nordic stream water
101.6cm x 304.8cm

Sage Cypress
29.57ml of essential oil
dimensions variable

This installation is composed of five elements- light, weight, time, distance, memory. Nautical Twilight is the span of time when sea navigation by horizon is not possible and land objects require artificial illumination for viewing. Salt of the earth denotes benevolence. Triangulation is a navigational strategy to locate an unknown point with two known points. Omniscient refers to unlimited understanding. Sage and Cypress oils evoke clear and open thought.

A printed and folded book containing a poem translated into nine languages, with an image from the triptych printed on the verso, was available for viewers to take with them.

The installation engages in ongoing iterations, considering the historical narratives and concerns of each geographical location. Viewers often describe a sensation of submersion, disorientation, confusion, calm and clarity, expanding and contracting as they move through space.

Video documentation


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