Gore Up the Mountain

every morning the people woke

not to work but to media repeating

the guilt made motive preyed upon born freedom

the belief for which we must fight

the lie of good exercised as virtue in social servitude

another form of self-flagellation

distrust in motives divided those private demons

vented through palms to public forms

our digital mediums morphing

our bodies into detonation devices

mostly which with two legs and two arms

contains a heart and a breath

the fix made by belief in the problem

a policy of addiction formed

support groups and steps for the self made weak to follow

for we are to rely upon each other

to build a more ideal world

and the people fought and bickered

wasting away all their days

because they believed the capital was to heavy

and values ought be free

the hippies tried escape

and no one made it out sane or unaltered

the eloquence of the universe

believed by some buyable by pill

the beggars and thieves sit mighty

amongst the virtue signals of so called advanced societies

the desires burning the men alive

and their bodies became ashes propelled by design

the motor of desire to rid the feeling of the lack

chasing them up their backs

warm bodies made cold

by the isolation of those

who will ask and ask and ask

always wanting of us more

those who live in peace

resigned to stand firm with the value of life

not flinch at those who cry for more

who beg for more

who will do whatever they can reason

to shake a little bit more out

of them for me

Each day I work to stand a bit more

free from any kind of belief

and exercise fewer postures

unwaveringly designed to signal

the lie that I could know a better way

a better way for what and for whom

what care have I what you put in your guts

or thoughts in your mind

its your life to do with what you so choose

and so let those who go on claiming virtue sing their sirens

and I’ll keep on driving my feet into the soil

each step at a time

9 February 2018. Oslo, Norway

R Wolfe


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A friend told me that equality is denial. I try to refrain from “is” statements as often as possible, but this one seemed relevant given the propagandistic use of the terms: equality and freedom.
Admittedly, I had no way of knowing how to articulate what I was making when I made the four exposures which make this quadrant image called: Equation After 2yrs of graduate schooling and 2yrs living abroad in what is considered one of the most equality driven societies in the world, I can make turn into words which was visually articulated. I would say then, the fashion in art these days for accompany text then services some kind of impulse to educate, or tell about, what it is we are seeing. That describing something, some how makes the encounter of nonsense make sense.
Each photograph was composed with the same materials in the referent (as in the real encounter in the real world), pavement, cloth, tar, formed in what I would find out upon researching made smooth again the cuts into the pavement. The scanned images then concealments of utility work. Band-aids for the underground structures which move the resources which modern life relies: water, waste, electricity.
In logic games, math, and computing, Logic (logos) serves as the basis of all that is (is, a word for reality, or realisation). So then, within a logic-based system, the business of telos services a design often residing in the ideology of the actions. The purpose, or an end, brings me to thinking about the colloquialism: Means to an end. Those who function based on a means to an end may claim logic in their actions and choices, but the fatal conceit in this mode of working is a form of denial. Denial is perhaps a strong word, maybe it is the premise of a supremacy on the principles or laws in nature. This of course a trauma when some dynamic earthy event transpires-natural disasters they are called. They are a disaster for things moving slowly, but not really some kind of disaster in reality at all. The disaster is part of our relationship to the natural, the unexpected, that we try to forget about not having sustainable power over. Remembering this may seem as an “of course” -why is that political leaders don’t remember this so much? I really wonder. Do they think they are god? or doing something valuable for others? Seems like that could be the case. I really don’t know.
Back to logos and logic-not to conflate the two, but to use the two as turning points in thinking. The constricting feeling of solely-logic based reasoning is not an accident. This mode of working has a sensory experience akin to entrapment, enslavement, double binding, or in other words-creating insanity out of otherwise sane people. For me, the more interesting part about looking at these, is the utter folly and sense of humor I experience from viewing them. To extract all of the real reference points, I see perspectives on some kind of other worldly band-aid. This could be due to the fact that in making photographs I often am making them for the index, so I can reference back later, and learn…what was it I was looking at. Why was I looking at it? Ant it was because I am interested in how things work, not on an instructional level, but on the level of a series of steps goes towards making a thing, and then that thing interacts with another, and so the result was not a matter of fact, but the byproduct of the process itself. The byproducts of the labor processes are visible everywhere. And contained in the byproducts, I have been able to document, and investigate the kind of thinking and labor that made the result which seems at once as a surprise to some, but if these dynamics are understood, are a total “of course”…and then becomes a kind of humor that is laughing at folly.
Laughing at folly, then a kind of twisted sadness and humor, the cynical humor popular today. This kind of humor, the laughing so as not to cry. Because somehow, the labor and efforts which go towards the conditions of living we are working for have built into them their own termination. And that, the aspect of the modern world that has built into it, its own termination, I see then, the underlying difference between humans, nature, technology, is no difference at all. There’s some kind of ending build right into the way things are. And so any forced dichotomy, idea that somehow technology and nature are at odds, that modern man is somehow at odds with nature, has roots in stories and lies. Because all that was, is, and will be, forever in their varying forms, are made by the laws and principles of nature.
Suppose this is why space research becomes interesting. And deep earthly digging research. The hunt for the visual evidence which can be researched and read for the underlying dynamics.
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