A lot of the things we hold as real and true can often be found rooted in the idea or the ideal. Such a tight grip on an idea lasts so as long as the people living uphold and create a network of belief. This network of belief attracts inclusive and exclusive behavior patterns where people are guided, forced, coerced into agreement or disagreement. Understood in this manner, conflict, can be described as the tension that arises from a disharmony between ideas and reality. The task of perceiving reality becomes increasingly difficult the more laden with concepts and ideas people acquire. Life can be experienced and realized as what people make focus upon. Thinking of phrases such as “upholding belief”, “settle down” – what do these words imply? A great deal of effort to uphold (lift, exhault, conflate) or the option that might seem entirely boring to a nervous system tripped out on excitement (tending to life, maintenance, practice). Funnily enough, the latter tends to produce contentment, peace, happiness, longevity-the very experiences which are available to you now and are also bought and sold through commodities which have been ascribed the sign-value of such qualities. Some people call this kind of thinking spiritual. I do not know what spiritual intends to imply anymore. I consider this kind of thinking as human-a human in touch with life-the life that for example keeps the body and plants alive. Please find also imagination and curiosity, that which gives rise and qualities to ideas need not be condemned. That is not the point I am raising here. The point is conflict, has been a concept and idea that has long perplexed me, been an area of research, and to find where such an energy arises from. Encouraging a flowing of an existence with primary focus on ideas and ideals (though they will remain to exist) toward an existence with a primary focus on time, maintenance, that which can be experienced within the body as deeply valued-that is what I seek to share.

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