People have often said knowledge is power. First, the orientation of power and control inherently can contain limiting qualities. I write of these qualities as orientations based on the notion mental focus tends to lead a human toward experiences congruent to the orientation. Many people fear power or control with historical reasons. Let’s not recreate the hells of history past. And to do so, a shift in orientation can be advisable.
Knowledge grows alongside interest. An orientation of learning supplies excellent conditions for the embodiment of freedom. People that think and pay attention, tend to have the sort of lives that don’t quite fit into a definable box. This can intimidate those preferring the box. Useful for personal and social peace: instead of judging these different values for or against orientations, (box and not box for example, thinking and not thinking, freedom and not freedom) as a complex network created by a series of choices. These choices located within each individual.
The value I’ve found in techniques of mindfulness and creativity are through freeing my own limited thinking from the “evils” if you like to call those impulses by that name. (Hear no, see no, speak no)
Historicized myths/stories attempt to teach these things but it seems we all have to learn on our own.
Remember to consider varying perspectives, reflect, engage in conversation carefully, and choose from a place of inner quiet to create a ripple effect outward. It’s a daily practice. We can all help remind each other, share the message and allow those messages to be carried though our actions. And when a mistake is made, proper action to set the course back toward creating. (Not power or control-but the natural flow of life)

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