Careful and continuous observation over time. This habit and practice is something I have been led to the same practices happening long before the world as I have come to learn it was around. There was always something about the way of charting months and days that never added up-and I mean literally the numbers don’t ever add up without some kind of remainder or extra here or there. Due to facts such as:  the sun and moon produce cycles of notable change every month, cycles in my body produces notable changes, I have been interested in following these patterns, and seeing if there are some ways I can discern any kind of notable differences or similarities. These kind of basic bits, elemental, have always seemed most pressing and relevant to me-for even the idea of “more” I have found often tied to ideas about “getting” and that tends to be a tricky little trap. I’d rather steer around any kind of traps, as the trails are far more inviting than being stuck in some kind of hole (which has often and thankfully been psychological more than real-though real things have a concreteness to them the psychic don’t-but dealings with the mind is for another post).

Farming and farming calendars, popularly called Farmer’s Almanac’s have been scooed-off by some advancements in creating food for people in the world, but these calendars often sync up with subtle sensory changes I have observed over decades of observing reality, my body, and the connection between the environment and the body. Moreover, observing social behaviours, fluxes and changes in policies, attitudes, values, have followed a trend of media-driven narratives.

The idea the world is driven (ala psychological motor) by stories, is not a new idea either. Yet, these words: new, progress, advancement, efficient -have infiltrated my own bodily system through modes of thought and belief. It might seem strange to think that a calendar or a way of measuring time can be internalised into a bodily system, but I have had this experience over and over. Ideas that are somehow planted in my mind, infiltrate my behaviours and then end up causing a repetitive cycle of tension-the tension arising from an internal conflict-because somehow that idea conflicts with what feels natural to me, otherwise known as what I value. This is why I have always been wary of beliefs. Beliefs have a long history of being tied to business and religions-neither which of these activities am I interested in vilifying-for qualities in and of themselves are neither benevolent or malevolent. There is this saying about following the money, and you can follow a motive…well, I would also caution against accepting any kind of saying or colloquialism without longterm observation over time, also. Bearing these things in mind for a little while, it’s not very radical, my findings, but rather sort of funny-not the funny in the way of laughing, but funny in the way of, what was I all tensed up about because these stories about new, progress, advancement and efficient are based on ideas and ideals about a certain way of being-which become tied to attitudes, lifestyles, one-sided conversations and generally do not work over long periods of time-perhaps why fashions and styles change so frequently-while strongly built objects and architecture, farming and basic health and well being practices don’t change as much over time. Or if they are, I am not alive long enough to experience the differences myself. Anyhow-Certain ways of being and doing things tend to look like shoulds- and people who go around all day telling people what they should or should not be doing, tend to be mired up in making larger moving parts go-whatever those moving parts may be producing: products, capital, business models, ideologies, spectacles.

Whether we are aware of it or not, as anything living, always creates something. Water makes things wet. Yeast makes dough rise. Seasons calibrate and facilitate magnetic forces-or maybe it is the other way around 😉 It’s really far more complex than I can understand right now. But the point is-to take a look at the calendar, the way we are measuring our days, to consider the elemental forces of nature can provide relief for headaches, ease for diseases, fuel (food) and fodder for creating beautiful objects that enhance our human experience, learning environments which develop instead of deplete our bodily systems–and these observations are not new, not esoteric, not even weird or unusual at all. And I do trust that over and over, people will come to discover nature as the way, because whether become involved in making up stories by tagging on the world mother, father or a gender neutral term to nature (mother nature, father time as coming from mythology), we will exist among facts. And these facts of reality, of life, can flatten out an ego, and connect you to the life instead of you-that is already shiny, already creating, already aware, already desiring.

I have also been forgetting what day of the week it is. What time it is sometimes. And my husband had a revolutionary idea-maybe there is nothing wrong with me in that. Maybe it is more natural to not compartmentalise existence by arbitrary means, but rather align life more closely to what nature already has going on. And it feels more harmonious too.


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