My work as an artist feels more than anything else, the work of loving and creating with life. Why else would I wish for the peace, contentment, open heart and mind of others? Than also that I wish for these very things myself. Some people say artists bring something into the world that wasn’t there before. I disagree. I am not an inventor. I am a seer of things that are already there. And I have my tools with which to find ways to remind people of the things artists have been reminding people of since, likely, before the beginning of recorded time.

I am a woman, literally, figuratively, intellectually and naturally… I exist to create and care. People can define the cause and reasons of existence up and down every story book in history. I don’t care so much about worldly things. I’m not any kind of idea or feeling. I seem to be rather some kind of force or energy. And it’s not something I know, it’s something I sense over time. I haven’t been able to put a word on it because I don’t find the linearity of language congruent to the picture that forms from such a recognition. Lately I have called this energy Yoto. In so many ways I am everyone I meet. One day it won’t matter what my name was or where I went, who or what I loved. I realize the internet is big on things people are liking and not liking, the world big on things people are loving or hating, but I don’t care about worldly things anymore. I stand for the things people tend to forget they have. And when people forget, they do funny things. Some people fight for things they have forgotten. And when fear enters the pictures with forgotten things, all kinds of other ghosts arise. And here’s the thing. The less I try to claim as known, the more I stand in the responsibility of freedom. And it’s not about ignorance, for so many people have said I think too much, when I think people think too little. What a joy this built in thinking mechanism of neurology and mushy mass can offer, and also so much suffering. We stand in the times of the idealistic world of mind not working out as planned. Just as every other life before. It’s not so insignificant or not mattering either.

So I stand, as a long history of people living in the world, as a reminder. Sometimes within an art “market” as a symbol. When all the symbols and signs and meanings are revealed to be constructed, held up by beliefs, and they fall to what they are-forms, stories and things people are making up in their mind, people will still be left with reality and the nature of reality, as the most valuable material available to our time machine vehicles (our bodies and minds). And since people tend to talk about body and mind as separate, I’ll call this time machine vehicle Yoto. From your head to your toes, from your heart through your nose, from the base of your spine out your dreams throughout time, to the tip of the finger and the hole in your bottom, running in through throughout and around as Yoto. The doing and undoing of all the world. Honestly. Children. Honestly.

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