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Ideal reality conflict

The energy requirements to come up with something not already made, not already existing far surpass the energy requirements to enjoy what already is.

The use of energy to create the world we think as so necessary has more to do with a certain ideal than any kind of truth.

The (depth and breadth) chasm between the ideal and the real create conflicts. These conflicts play out on a world scale. These ideals are not always root in values, witness able in the views of media. Each image casting its spell of projection and desire upon the world.

What do I wish to see in the world? This questions guides every choice. Slowing down has been useful in providing greater consideration.

Fastness, busy ness, has little time for consideration.

These experiences of time are ours. Mine our current time. For the depth and breadth between the ideals and the reals are vast-tied not only to the geographical expanse, but also the laws by which the people abide.

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