The energy requirements to come up with something not already made, not already existing far surpass the energy requirements to enjoy what already is.

The use of energy to create the world we think as necessary has more to do with a certain ideal than truth.

The (depth and breadth) chasm between the ideal and the real create conflicts. These conflicts play out on a world scale. These ideals are not always rooted in values but are part of the stream of media. The media stream washes over the eyes of individuals, and if not measured against the senses within the body, enter the personal individual. Images can cast spells of projection and desire upon the people in the world. This is not taken as a given but something rather to observe and measure carefully.

What do I wish to see in the world? This question serves as a barometer for choices of those who make something into culture. The question then, who is I? can the motives of I ever be known? Can the outcomes ever be known? This seems an impossible task but something meaty to consider. Those who have developed astute observational skills have often shown the quality of predicting outcomes. So then, seeing what is to come is not an aspect of superpower, but rather one of refined observation. And if one were to see the most likely outcomes of tensions, it is unlikely to be able to be actually predicted at all.

The question at hand is the question about choice. And the premise of choice: responsibility.

Fastness, busy ness, leaves little time for consideration. And the real responsibilities for those in the fast lane are made then, not personal, but into social policy. The bigger the structure to uphold social policy, the less responsibility for the individual. The individual then is surmised to become freer. But this is not necessarily always the case. This idea plays out differently among individuals. There is no preset structure which works for everyone.

These experiences of time are ours. To mine, (dig in) our current time is located in the present, and therefore the bodily. For the depth and breadth between the ideals and the reals are vast-tied not only to the geographical expanse, but also the laws by which the people abide.

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