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Human Needs

Human Needs is a body of work comprised of several chapters of images and text, with the Nature of Desire as their theme. The transitory subjects of water, snow, ice, and form, are used to compose evocative nature images. These Aesthetic Experiences are created to guide an orientation of a sensory, intrinsic desire. With the concept of Nature as non-objectifiable and using knowledge of the body’s subtle senses of perception (proprioception and exteroception) these works guide attentiveness toward embodied reality or a connection with physicality. (Please scroll; each chapter contains a slideshow.)

k. Tides 


k. Stjern & Stjorn


k. Teologia, 1-7 


k. Human Needs


k. (your sweet way)


Tabes, 2017, 104cm x 140cm (41in x 55.11in) A diagram of gradual emaciation; melting. Visual translation of a literal material change.

Omniscient, 2015, 101.6cm x 304.8cm (40x120in), monolithic image and text: A monument of future history. The image stands as a totem for the change in social structure toward the wisdom of water. Water emerges as the discourse for the emotional body. The emotional body serving as the pathway for the wisdom of intuition. In the new world, emotional suppression as poverty and polluted waters cease through the cleansing of pain into ecstatic expression. Responsibility for water comes through the reverence of its high wisdom. Sacred in the new society, water is respected, protected, cherished and shared freely among people to create humane societies upon all lands. A reverence for water solidifies the respect and preservation of the emotional body constituting a humane society for humans to exist in.



The Atlantic Divide, 2015, image printed on fabric, 80,8cm x 44,66cm x 33cm (32in x 17in x 13in). Variable installations contingent upon site and text: An object without end, photographed containing a hole at either end – a playful dance of lines, contours of ground – replicating through visual space, reflexive neighbors – overlapping lines, a rifted path, the river that flows among drifting continents of divided earthly contents.



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