Virtual Material (ongoing): Teknovisuell Experience, Sirens Series, Relatively Dimensional Still-life, 1919 in 2017.

Teknovisuell Experience, 2015-2016. Architecture scaled images of water emphasising etherial qualities of digital imaging technology. The installation of this work engages in the viewer in a physical relationship with image/vision and body/space.


Sirens series, 2014, photographic image on acrylic, sizes vary. Artist proofs available on paper. Digital audio files applied as grids upon film exposures of rural landscapes in a digital manipulation process.


Relatively Dimensional Still-life, 1919 in 2017, 5 image series, limited edition of 3. Digital archive ink print on digital negative film (13 x 19 inch).

Sublime domains, 2013-ongoing series. Digital print on matte paper. Sizes vary unless otherwise noted.