fullsizerenderIn my artwork, I’m often sharing visuals and experiences which encourage viewers to think about the nature of desire. A place I often find myself referring back to is the nature of nature itself. By thinking and paying attention to the ways in which natural plants grow, one can refer metaphorically back to a way of working/functioning in life that, well, grows. Some people might say works, and that’s alright. One could venture to say the plant is working right when it’s growing because that’s what we (as people) like to see plants do. Who likes to watch plants die? Some people I suppose, and dying plants do happen. The funny illustration in these photos here is I took a gifted plant (thank you Beverly!) and planted it in a painted, terra cotta pot. Doing so upset the roots, causing some of the leaves (or shoots? is that what you call succulent arms and bodies?) to fall off.

I went about adding more dirt to support the plant, water, and then realized there is a corner of light. Let’s get these plants into the light. The light will pull the water and nimg_7580utrition up from the soil and strengthen the structure of the plant. This mode of operation, way of working, or growing the way nature does can also be then brought into our daily lives. When I, myself, or people I witness get excited or stressed there’s often a sort of emphasis on working or doing something right-to which I can then begin a short series of questioning to what telos/end/purpose is that “right” thing pointed. Working without an outcome can be fun to play around for an idea-but the garden may go totally wild. Having a solid picture in mind, and desire to encourage plants to grow (speaking metaphorically here) can encourage what will already happen naturally, to go ahead on in that growing direction. It’s so much fun to partake in this process. Some people call gardening therapy, I call gardening or connecting with nature essential for ourselves, our souls and the whole wildly profound nature-eco system in which we live.


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