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Making Sense

Making Sense, 2015, Installation and printed material. Materials and text follow images.

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Nautical Twilight


450nm of Tokyo blue photography gel

dimensions variable

Salt of the Earth 


100kg of Mediterranean sea salt

dimensions variable



30sec of photographing lake Michigan in Winter

digital negative triptych, 33.02cm x 48.26cm ea.



35mm photograph of Nordic stream water

101.6cm x 304.8cm

Sage Cypress


29.57ml of essential oil

dimensions variable

Making Sense Video Documentation from Rachel Wolfe on Vimeo.

This installation is composed of five elements- light, weight, time, distance, memory. Nautical Twilight is the span of time when sea navigation by horizon is not possible and land objects require artificial illumination for viewing. Salt of the earth denotes benevolence. Triangulation is a navigational strategy to locate an unknown point with two known points. Omniscient refers to unlimited understanding. Sage and Cypress oils evoke clear and open thought.

A printed and folded book containing a poem translated into nine languages, with an image from the triptych printed on the verso, was available for viewers to take with them.

The installation engages in ongoing iterations, considering the historical narratives and concerns of each geographical location. Viewers often describe a sensation of submersion, disorientation, confusion, calm and clarity, expanding and contracting as they move through space.


Making Sense book with 9 translations, printed in black and white on matte paperstock. Transcript of poem in English below images.

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no noing
no is not is
here is no knowing
there is no knowing
then is no knowing
past time
past in front of time
suspended time past
past after time
mirror makes past
before eyes
eyes imagine
imagine is dream
image is not imagined
image is not knowing
image is sensing
sensing is feeling
feeling is image
image is sense
focus front
front focus mirror
mirror is what past
seeing mirror
sees past
groping sense of desire
without letters or numbers
Variations by, and translated to: Frida Li, Chinese; Yasmin Than, French; Annetta Kapon, Greek; Marcela Gottardo, Italian; Soo Yun Jun, Korean; Børge Indergaard, Norwegian; Edyta Czajkowska, Polish; Sweet Samson, Russian; Delia Perez-Salinas, Spanish

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