Butoh in Oslo

Mushimaru Fujieda gave Butoh-Laboratorium Oslo the grace of his presence in the Living Poetry Workshop. Thanks to all the beautiful dancers who came to move in this delightful chorus of movement. Save...


Guns In America

An early morning in May, I went for a routine walk to enjoy the sunrise and make some photographs in a nearby forest preserve area. On the same route I had gone out on, I returned and found an object ...


Exhibition at Cyan Studio

Exhibition at Cyan Studio, Jen Bjelkes Gate 13A, 0562 Oslo, Norway 20 år jubilium med temaet “Tid”  May 25, 26, 27, 2018 “Et fotografi – en brøkdel av et sekund av et eksister...



Words are supposedly made up, but does that mean they lose their meaning? The words still mean what they mean. So is not the words that is the problem but the ideas about the words that seem to be in ...

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Nature érotique

  The video (blatantly) depicts fetishisation modern pop culture made out of nature as a means for marketing to machine assisted generations. In the absence of physical labor, mental and emotiona...