The Arctic Circle Expedition Residency and Support

The Arctic Circle 2009 hunkered down in Lieffjiorden, Svalbard after a full day of project work. Photo courtesy of Janet Biggs, participant, The Arctic Circle 2009.

The Arctic Circle forms the northern most latitude ring on maps of Earth, and is an annual expedition residency program for international artists, architects, innovators, scientists, and educators seeking collaborative exploration to engage in the critical issues of our time. I was invited to join The Arctic Circle expedition with scientists, architects, researchers, and artists during the 10th through 27th of June, 2018.

Location: Longyearbyen, Svalbard, 10° from the North Pole sailing aboard the Antigua, a traditionally rigged, 150-foot Tall Ship, amongst international waters.




Undergoing a 3-pronged jury system, my application was evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Merit of project proposal
  • Relevance of the proposal to expedition and current issues
  • Desire to collaborate with cross-discipline professionals
  • Proven track-record of successful projects
  • Board/jury interest in project and applicant


The residency is situated during an important stage in my professional development. To participate in the expedition, I have to raise $7500. While waiting on numerous grant applications, individual support will make this endeavour possible. This is an opportunity to deepen my life’s work and research, and create value for future generations through education and connections with you in artwork made in the arctic.

Partnerships with art centers, museums and established galleries in the United States and abroad, The Arctic Circle Residency provides the essential time and space, and one-of-a-kind experience to foster the creation of pioneering new work with a focus on public and classroom engagement. Creative material from one discipline has the ability to instigate innovative ideas within another. Where disciplines meet, the opportunity arises for inventive thought that defies preconceived notions, engage in issues relevant to our time, and engages residents to develop professionally through interdisciplinary collaborations, exhibit opportunities, education, and public engagement.

Bøverdalen, 2015, photograph by Børge Indergaard

As an artist, I make photographs, drawings, video, performance in dancevoice – music, and installation. I am interested in looking at ways of knowing and systems -such as water, Chinese medicine, space-time theory, and language etymology. WWII history research led me into exploring where Human and Technology interference becomes fantastical, and where distortion or perceptual enhancement amplifies desire. In the Arctic, I am interested in exploring the idea of The Arctic as Planetary Oracle -in continued development of an ancient way of knowing lost to modern civilisation involving ways in which humans bodies perceive and experience time, movement, and prescience. During the expedition, I will keep logs, written, video, and photography. I will be completing a Haiku translation project, and creating new artwork and performances. To support my work in this endeavour, you’ll receive access to my private travelogue, limited edition prints, and one of a kind artworks.

Thank you for creating a piece of history with me.

Sincerely, Rachel

Support, Donate, Share

Frysa, 2016, photo by B. Indergaard


I.  $30 usd, receive access to my private travelogue, credit in exhibitions and publication of the work during the expedition.

II. $100 usd, receive travelogue access, plus donor-only access to a private online gallery.

III. $300 usd, receive travelogue access, donor-only access to a private online gallery, plus a limited edition photograph, signed, and mailed to you.

IV. Donations of $500 + receive travelogue access, donor-only access to a private online gallery, a limited edition photograph, signed, and mailed to you, and a one-of-a-kind artwork.

Other donations, in any amount are warmly welcome and sharing the link to this page supports my research and work in The Arctic Circle.

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Alternate Ways to Support

$40 +ship email with your selection and mailing address. a payment link will be returned to you and mailed within 1day of payment.
$60 +ship email with your selection and mailing address. a payment link will be returned to you and mailed within 1day of payment.


Quadrette, equation, the work is composed of 4 archival ink prints on matte epson paper $600


30seconds of Lake Michigan tryptich on acrylic $1800 +shipping


Darkroom print $80
Darkroom print $80
Darkroom print $80


Darkroom print $80
Archival inkjet print, edition of 12 +1AP, $50
Darkroom print $80


Comfort wraps on the right. $230 – $370 depending on size and material.