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Nature érotique

  The video (blatantly) depicts fetishisation modern pop culture made out of nature as a means for marketing to machine assisted generations. In the absence of physical labor, mental and emotiona...


19 March 2018

seeing as a well a pupil pours in or out birth babies for life Rachel Wolfe 19 March 2018 Oslo Norway   Google Translate ser som en brønn en elev går inn eller ut fødsel babyer for livet


2018: Finnskogutstillingen

Finnskogustillingen in Grue Finnskog near the border of Norway and Sweden 9.10.11. March .2018 Showing work from the Flat Bottom Boat Project. 



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Sifting Randomness

There are two pieces of advice gathered in the past 17 years I would like to share here. “Learn Mandarin.”  This was the advice I was given as I looked over the edge of Viktor Frankl’...