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Rachel Wolfe Studio Posts

Deskilled Art

Art. What is art. Strictly rationally speaking art is art. The basis of language to ascribe meaning to something in reality, then to turn toward the etymological dictionary: Supreme art is a traditional statement…

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The other side

  The other side of fear as: ______ this blank has often been filled in with words (ideas) such as love, bliss, joy. The other side of fear seems more akin to acknowledging reality…

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Contextual shores

The image and installation liberated from the white walls. First installation of the “Troubleweed” towel: These black rocks could be anywhere there are black rocks. But these black rocks photographed are on Bygdøy,…

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Trauma. A word people often associate with a far away place. The horrors of daily life are not serviced compassionately by comparison to what could be worse happening far away. The reality of our…

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Paying attention

As an artist, I pay attention to the thoughts many people might ignore. The thoughts some may consider unworthy. I work to increase awarenesses and make something of these awarenesseses-the make these quickly discarded…

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Truth has been called in for questioning. Political landscapes appear as reflections of times made mad by the dissolution of religion. For the sanctions once found within the walls of belief break down. Lest people…

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