Laisséz Unfaire, 2011-2014, archival digital print on epson matte white paper, images 77 x 115 cm (30 x 45 in), Text: Bound by a box resides residual comforts cuddled by machined attire. A friendly posture, repose. A portrait of the collected, gathered and unsewn. Visual objects. The after materials of daily wear memorialised in an archive.

The first impulse to make these photographs was my interest in dust, and the way dust accumulates. This interest developed into the way humans design machines to perform their daily labor which offers the ability to capture remnants which may otherwise be washed away. The ways machines are fashioned to capture material remains intrigues me, and taking-care, tidying aspect of handling residual material of life acutely calls my attention. Each of these artefacts were made through a process of encountering residues as a Wayfarer might, as skills from indigenous traditions have been a primary interest throughout my life as part of a daily practices to maintain these sense preceptors. The matter of the residues such as: dust, light, the representations, never are direct thing but more accurately transmission of dynamics in force. These underlying dynamic principles led me to researching magnetics. As any child may encounter learning of complex narratives and structural dynamics, I approached each project within Residues with a orientation of play. The sincerity of my quasi-scientific research is in that the impulses which make determining choices in making these works are so the resulting images maintain this quality of play. The image as a representation of a known fact or quantity also carries with it unimaginable volumes of unknowns. The processes are about maintaining nascent knowledge of life force, the unifying thread throughout past, present and future. My question is can art today, show us something about things happening now, and in the future? Not as a theoretical proof, but as research accumulating, as a residue, to become matter. As in the case of solar studies of magnetic propulsions and changes.