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Not mindfulness

Mindfulness has become a busy ness, another activity with which people put on an agenda to do. This approach has taken a concept and run away with it, as the wind can catch a seed and run with it to another location.

The state has often been described as Awakening or Enlightenment. And again we can describe an entire busy ness and culture created around an idea of living. This has created a picture on a way to be, which exercises itself as a form of internalized control. The self then feels at odds with itself and must maintain a certain likeness to the Lifestyle portrayed in the image of Awakening or Enlightenment.

The spectacularlization of a way of using the mind has been created by a multitude of choices.

When people look upon the world, and see brokenness, when people look upon themselves and see brokenness a tendency for reactivity can be described and often experienced. A quick to fix. And it is easy to forget these principles but many have tried to share the message.

There are words such as






These ideas and ideals have been applied to technology. And so I subjectively find the state of the world in quite a funny situation. In that technology has been taking over the roles many people have been working and subscribed identity with.

A tendency for apathy can arise when the concepts described by such words are turned inside themselves or from ONLY the subjective point of view. The usefulness of the concept becomes realised or born when the concept these terms describe is turned toward integrating the Other, or taking on the view from the self and the Other, reaching toward and Objectivity.

Perhaps a phrase can be of use: When mind ends healing begins.

When imbalance is encountered in life, personally, socially, in health, environment, the idea to “fix” has a way of jumping right to a conclusion. To apply force, action, extertion. This can seen to service the furthering of imbalance. Part of the ways in which the practices of Mindfulness remain functional is that the busy ness slows or comes to rest for a temporary time. Consideration and care can be exercised choices then.

Is not that thought has no practical application -world history portrays sufficient evidence to see the narratives in which mind constructs. Present reality always offers itself as available, and within reality choice.

This concept has often been difficult for some to understand and perhaps due to the nature in which the language used to describe this concept has built in the telos of selling.

This essay sells nothing. How can these words claim to be selling nothing? Simply by the are describing a concept in a circular fashion which produces a way of though that can be described as non-linear, non-logical. And in this moment of internalization of these words, the confusion can result in rejection, anger, apathy or sink right into the feeling sensation of being alive. These are choices I have encountered both myself and other excessing and practicing. But these practice always offers the choice of tuning in, looking around, seeing, I am alive, all present and well.

Practice of tuning in (sometimes appear as spacing out) offers a valuable exercise to those curious to find out what’s in front of their own nose and eyes and within their own body and heart.

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