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On Timeliness

Being on time, particularly all the time, requires a tremendous amount of energy planning.

Embedded in the planning is the reason for meeting or the person you are meeting remains a part of your conscious thoughts long before the actual time of arriving to the agreed upon meeting. This form of social politeness shows a value in which another life has value enough to consider before that life that’s taking place right now within your immediate surroundings. The meaning embedded, the dedicating of thought energy toward another life or shared goal…other than a singular or self-oriented interest or goal.

This supposition also implies an independent body. Independent bodies seem to be a total myth today. The idealism of self-sufficiency appears based on a lie entirely…for not a single life came into being through sheer independence, but rather through a complex series of relationships. From the advent of life, relationship and networks are already deeply established.

In cultures where this matter-of-face is deemed as a fact of reality, the bodies are invested in activities which are not singular in function, but rather of the group entirely. People in independent cultures live in sort of perpetual exiles when looked upon through a lens of people in community cultures.  Several alternatives exist, as also a solitary existence does not imply and greater or less value than a life embracing interdependence and relationship. The cultures produced are quite different indeed.

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