Should is a word I hear or see a lot. Sometimes its right in my own head chatter, and I quickly shut that should down. When I do hear it or read it somewhere, I have begun to almost immediately discard the rest of what’s being said. And so I’m getting careful with shoulding. Should implies an idea in the world conflicting with an idea residing in the perceiver. A preference for another way. Should being however suits that person -or often doesn’t when the should resides in a mind dialogue as a comparison between the perceived way that person is and an idea of what the person would be more acceptable like. Ouch. Either a small or large slap across the shoulder’s own face, a lashing, a bad girl or bad boy tap on the head, a subjugated mental framework deployed. A personal war through internalized screaming cries of propaganda. Should as temptation to impart a will over another’s will, exerting a force upon or over another, physically between separate bodies or internally as a fragmented self-concept. And a danger here, to ban should as a better way or a new way of being or living. No conclusions about should can be drawn here. Keeping should and the action of applying should I have found useful as an observation. Like a big storm out at sea. I don’t have to go sailing straight towards it, but rather watch it from beach. From far enough away, a mess of should can be entertaining. To those in the storm, the person smiling from the shore might seem mad, totally out of their mind, and ok. Standing with, alongside, using, but not being owned by the function of thought itself rather than diving straight into the storm and being tossed about. Another choice.

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