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Positivist critique for lifestyle posting

Allow me to begin this letter by first addressing the hesitancy I have in beginning a sentence with the word “I.”

The idea is not nascent, but rather actively created by voices from real life bodies, that have demonstrated a continual campaign against the use of the word, “I.” What a moralistic and seemingly grand gesture to remove the “I” or oneself, for the notion of a self has become aggrandised through the cultural proliferation of personal blogging and lifestyle posts. This “I” is not to become confused in a tangle with notions of identity. The issue at hand here is not what defines and confines a concept of an identity, but that the “I” both symbolises and makes actual the inhabited position of being alive in a body.

The Institution, of precisely Contemporary Art, shall we say of Contemporaneity, of the International Arts as beneficial to culture production, has shrouded the biographical in all kinds of cast glances and slights of hand. Bells, whistles, halls of mirrors-art has become a non-local site, a paradoxically precious state of flux. This slippery kind of quality, has a taste akin to the bad taste of narcissistic politics. And bad taste here may not be subjective. When bodies of people who sought after a result and came up with what we have here today (and I doubt I need be more precise to reference the current names in the news), we know what something bad tastes like. A politician, or a body stripped of it’s “I” position or biography for the sake of an ideal upheld The Institution, known to some as a Myth of Modern Art, is not a Durian fruit-or Koriander (cilantro) to which some find the taste of feet and others the taste of ecstasy. No, this kind of taste runs through the gut-not the mouth. It’s a sucker punch feeling, one that has psychically infested the minds through propaganda or ideology.

And so, we have ourselves a net of lifestyle blogs, a web full of photos of daily food pics. And they are humanising. They contain within them an “I” quality. And in this position of subjective experience, we can witness the behaviours of individual bodies-for their commonalities in life can be comforting-more over, these practices can Locate the seemingly non-local. Where are these people posting from and to? The media transferred through flashes of electric signals, through wires, towers of boxes in data centres, supplied by energy we hope for as “green,” and yet we know required mining from the earth.

So what is the point of all these posts? What is the point of someone attempting to remove the “I” or have someone question whether or not they are socially appropriate by starting a sentence with and “I”? What is at stake? A complex network of Power and Control-to which what else can be found at stake? So all me, one of the I’s to share with you, the non-monumental event that at this time can be completely subversive. The monumental being found in these personal/non-personal moments shared through social space and time, a food pic. I loved every bite. I chose to make this look this way because it pleases me. And doing such does not make any less of anyone by engaging in these activities. Instead of actively demonise the daily or the “I” can we all get down to the teddy better bits of positively creating life. Be subversive through the biographical. Make a position. Eat the food and photograph it. And if you don’t want to, then don’t. No one makes anyone do anything like this-we hope. And if some subtle ideas have launched into the mind and exorcised your beautifully energetic life, subjective or non, then rid your mind of such internalized powers, and stay true to the values that are within you, that fill life with love, joy, and whatever else that makes things feel real for you.

What is the matter of sharing this message to you? because if you are reading this word “you” then you see “I” and “you” and “I” are sharing this common ground for a blink of time. Thank you.

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