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Security blanket installation at Bolsky Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

Installation with Security blanket (troubleweed) 2015, Bolsky Gallery, Los Angeles, California, installation documentation followed by: Troubleweed bathing towel photographed by  Mark Uhalley, Los Angeles, California, 2017. Mark’s Vimeo channel.
Materials: Photographic print on bathing towel (troubleweed)
Other Various materials
Dimensions variable
Viewers were invited to take bags of salt labeled “take me” with them from the exhibit.
The installation explores the symbolic and literal functions of narrative. Symbolic objects specifically arranged in space make material Ideas of Boundary, Shame, Security, Transparency and Choice. The Photographic print on bathing towel (troubleweed) continues to be sent in the post mail and photographed by various artists, as a continuation on the relationship of A.(Boundary, Shame, Security, Transparency and Choice) with B.(Agreement, Cooperation, Trust, Resource and Subjective-vision).

Rachel-Wolfe_Security-blanket-installation-1_667 Rachel-Wolfe_Security-blanket-installation-2_667 Rachel-Wolfe_Security-blanket-installation-3_667 Rachel-Wolfe_Security-blanket-installation-4_652 Rachel-Wolfe_Security-blanket-installation-5_667






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