Security Blanket (troubleweed)

Rachel-Wolfe_Security-blanket-installation-1_667Installation with Security blanket (troubleweed) 2015, Bolsky Gallery, Los Angeles, California, installation, traveling object.

Materials: Photographic print on bathing towel (troubleweed)
Other Various materials
Dimensions variable
Viewers were invited to take bags of salt labeled “take me” with them from the exhibit.

The installation: explores the symbolic and literal functions of narrative. Symbolic objects specifically arranged in space make material Ideas of Boundary, Grief, Security, Transparency and Choice. The Photographic print on bathing towel (troubleweed) continues to be sent USPS & photographed by various artists, continuing the thematic elements in the installation based on relationships of Trust, Transparency, Choice, Cooperation, Resource.

The traveling towel: USPS has been and continues to be the way information travels the vast spaces of the United States. Letters carried on horse as history, and today a towel shipped around sites. The shipments are made between friendships I personally cherish, to each other, people who have not yet met, but share a point of connection in their willingness to share their vision and interpretation of this project, as their own. The geographical locations vary, but the consistent theme is the actual or real carriers of the towel itself-which is labor. Labors of will, labor of care, labor of creative effort, the human being as the maker of what science calls spooky action at a distance. This installation, a sincere labor, in the time of the internet, where communication and sincerity have expanded so far as to be questioned to exist at all and critiqued as sentimental. This work, a proof, and archive of the very real existence of the ties that bond people across timezones and geography.

Troubleweed bathing towel photographed as hypothetical bathing towel at Bygdøy Sjobad, Oslo, Norway, 2016.

Troubleweed bathing towel photographed as a Dog Day Story by Mark Uhalley, Los Angeles, California, 2017. Mark’s Vimeo channel.


Troubleweed bathing towel photography as An Empty Pool by Bryan Bankston, Richmond, Texas, 2017. Bryan’s Photography page on Facebook.


Troubleweed bathing towel photography as a Beach Day Desire Story by Stephanie Larson, Fort Myers, Florida, 2017.  Instagram @tangle.atingle.

Troubleweed bathing towel photography as a Fire Escape Story by Christina Song, Chicago, Illinois, 2017. Instagram @softycreamy

Troubleweed bathing towel photography as an Elephant Story by Maggie Meiners, photographed in Africa, 2017. Maggie’s website. @maggiemeinersphotography 

Troubleweed bathing towel photography as legs looking toward the bay by Justine Genevieve Bianco, Palo Alto, 2017. Justine’s Website.