Studio Visits with Rachel

  • Professional, one-on-one or small group consult
  • Portfolio reviews of photography, painting, drawing, graphic design
  • Writing, editing, and publishing your work
  • Personal counsel for generating a creative orientation
  • While in person is optimal, Skype sessions are available

Duration: 60 – 90 minutes

Session: $175  (€150 or 1500nk)

Contact to arrange your studio visit.


Letters from studio visits and mentorships

I will always remember Rachel’s willingness to help me in my time of need.  It takes a very special person to lead in this important work. I admire her energy and organizational abilities. Please accept my sincerest thanks.

Emily, Muskoka, Canada


Mentorship with Rachel Wolfe changed my life.  I started going to her when I was in graduate school for fine art in Los Angeles.  I was struggling with my studies and art practice, and my whole mind, body, and spirit seemed to be in a rut.  I had recently gained a lot of weight during undergrad, and was nor feeling great about myself, which showed in my work.

Rachel introduced me to a new way of thinking, to live my whole life like art.  She taught me yoga, which I still practice religiously to this day.  Rachel came to my apartment and examined the contents of my pantry and refrigerator, advising me on what will facilitate reaching my health goals.  She took me shopping and taught me the benefits of unprocessed foods, and then instructed me on how to cook and prepare nutritious, healthy meals, while taking into consideration things like my taste profile.

Meditation and mindfulness were keys to unlocking my creative potential, and Rachel made me videos to guide me.  We discussed art at great lengths, in particular photography.  Most of all, her empathetic approach of creating all things with love, but with a critical eye, led me to success.

And the success was astounding.  Through the merging of a healthy mind, body, and spirit, my artwork blossomed into greatness.  I graduated from art school and received the top award from the faculty.  In the year following school, my weight dropped from 275 pounds to 235.

Most important of all, Rachel Wolfe helped me find and love myself.  Through my continued yoga, meditation, healthy eating, and living life like art, I find happiness and inspiration in all I do.

Bryan, Houston, TX, USA


Thank you very much for taking your time to write very valuable review for my photographs.

First of all, please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in replying your review which was due to some accidents that happened to me in the last month.

I really appreciate with your thoughtful comments and advice on my work. Although I submitted many photographs (maybe too many… I’m sorry!!), you gave me helpful advice in many of them.. that is what I have not expected… I am really grateful for your kindness by doing this.

Every comments and information you gave definitely help me to improve both of my skills, presenting my best photographs for each occasion and getting jobs as a photographer.

As you pointed out in the comment, I still find some difficulties in choosing ‘the most powerful photos’ for each competition. It may be because my lack of experience for presenting my works to the public and also lack of observations on how the things work in the area of competitions. I really need to study and do more researches over that theme to get better presentation skill.

I am very grateful to you for mentioning my strong points in my photography. It encourages me a lot and push me forward to try another competition.

Thank you again for taking your time and giving me valuable advice.

Hope to see you in another competition.

Best regards, Mika


Thank you very much for your valuable comments. I am so glad that you enjoyed seeing my photographs. I opened your review, just hoping that my photographs are considered meaningful, and now I am so relieved that you are interested in my photographs. I was thrilled and excited while taking these photographs, but I was not sure that these can be accepted by people because of the unique approach of these photographs. Your review gave me enough courage for me to keep working on this series. Thanks so so much.

I also could feel your generous support in the review. I am not in contact with the universities(I have not studied photography in the university yet), but if there is any opportunity to expose my photographs to people and there is the places that are interested in my photographs, I am willing to try and challenge myself. I sincerely hope to stay in touch with you.

Again, I really appreciate the time and effort for the reviewing of my series. Your review was the valuable gifts to me in the ongoing learning process of photography.

Sincerely, Hee Jung Kim


I really thank you for the time you spent reviewing my work! Your advices and recommendations are very useful!

THANK YOU!!! (anonymous)


I have received a very encouraging review for my work sent for the portrait awards. It was really nice to see that my work is so thoroughly understood.

Thank you in advance, Ploutarcos Haylofts, Greece


Thank you very much for taking the time to not only provide detailed feedback to my questions, but also in offering extended/related advice. Also, wow, thank you very much for the list of sites. I have come across 2 or 3, but I feel it would have taken at year plus to have found the remainig sites.

Again, thank you! Josh


I would like to say a big Thank You. Truly insightful. I felt really inspired after reading. The parallel between goals in advertising (my present job – what do you want your audience to do) and goals in photography – what do you want you audience to see… this is so helpful. I’ll try and craft my point of view, as it appears to be the key of everything!

Thanks again, Florian de Lomme


I’m very happy with the review about my series of photos. Thank you very much for your guidance and suggestions. They will certainly enrich my research and photographic achievement of the project.
Thank you very much! Marcio


Many thanks for the thoughtful, well-considered review.

I do actually have a lot of doubts about this project (whether it is viable/ relevant/ worth pursuing) so it is important and encouraging to hear from someone who spent time looking at the work.

It’s interesting to see how you re-ordered the photographs (I had a different idea in mind which — it appears — contrary to what I had imagined, proved illegible/difficult to grasp for someone who does not live in Japan). This is a valuable experience for me. I also very much appreciate your point regarding formats — especially if we look at this particular set of ten photographs (they were selected from a much larger set of verticals and horizontals).

For now, once again — many thanks for all your thoughts and comments; they have been very helpful, and yes, of course, I do want to stay in touch. Kind regards, Magda


Many thanks for your thorough and thoughtful critique dear artist. It gives me courage to continue. I’m currently working as an office employee which allows me to shoot what I want, but in my very limited time. I want to have one year to get prepared for doing it professionally, but lets see what I’ll find this year.


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