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Thesis exhibition – Making Sense

Exhibition at the Bolsky Gallery
Rachel-Wolfe_making-sense-1_800Materials List:Nautical Twilight2015
450nm of Tokyo blue photography gel
dimensions variable

Salt of the Earth
100kg of Mediterranean sea salt
dimensions variable

30sec of photographing lake Michigan in Winter
digital negative triptych, 33.02cm x 48.26cm ea.

35mm photograph of Nordic stream water
101.6cm x 304.8cm

Sage Cypress
29.57ml of essential oil
dimensions variable

This installation is composed of five elements- light, weight, time, distance, memory. Nautical Twilight is the span of time when sea navigation by horizon is not possible and land objects require artificial illumination for viewing. Salt of the earth denotes benevolence. Triangulation is a navigational strategy to locate an unknown point with two known points. Omniscient refers to unlimited understanding. Sage and Cypress oils evoke clear and open thought.

A printed and folded book containing a poem translated into nine languages, with an image from the triptych printed on the verso, was available for viewers to take with them.

The installation engages in ongoing iterations, considering the historical narratives and concerns of each geographical location. Viewers often describe a sensation of submersion, disorientation, confusion, calm and clarity, expanding and contracting as they move through space.

Video documentation


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Suspended Planes, installation, Los Angeles, USA

Suspended Planes, 2014 Configurations 1.0-4.0

Two square planes, one clear and one glossy black paint, suspended by tension from which nails affix twine to the wall. Painted gold clamps grasp each corner, as twine slips through. A projection of light passes onto, through, and around the planes as a meditation on words written by Kafka, “We photograph things in order to drive them out of our minds.“ In a single-reflex system, such a quote appears articulated from observable reality, as each configuration assigning a new variable, shows the limits of such a system. Viewers are able to physically navigate this single reflex system, with the aim to point to multiple systems of the their bodies to enable and dismantle a singular-reflex system. The final configuration 4,0 leading to a direct experience of the single-reflex planes obfuscation of bodily projection.


1.0 Twine, nail, clamp, gold and black gloss paint, two panels of acrylic 40.64 x 40.64cm

2.0 Same as above with projected light

3.0 Same as above with projected video

4.0 Same as above with projected video

RachelWolfe_TwoPlanes_web-2_1750 RachelWolfe_TwoPlanes_web-4_1267 RachelWolfe_TwoPlanes_web-6_1750 RachelWolfe_TwoPlanes_web-8_1750 RachelWolfe_TwoPlanes_web-10_1750 RachelWolfe_TwoPlanes_web-11_1750 RachelWolfe_TwoPlanes_web-12_1750 RachelWolfe_TwoPlanes_web-13_1750 RachelWolfe_TwoPlanes_web-14_1750 RachelWolfe_TwoPlanes_web-15_1750 RachelWolfe_TwoPlanes_web-16_1750


Video documentation of version 3.0 with Mountain Lake II video

Installation with planes and mountain lake II from Rachel Wolfe on Vimeo.

Other side Installation with planes and mountain lake from Rachel Wolfe on Vimeo.

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