The other side of fear as: ______ this blank has often been filled in with words (ideas) such as love, bliss, joy.

The other side of fear seems more akin to acknowledging reality and a body in motion. In other words a connection to embodiment.

The first level, if you and other humans are alive, then the reality shows there extinction as not present. There are perceivable threats to this reality humans are facing now, with great levels of generative thought and action.

The second level, if you and other humans are not being mutiliated-and that’s where we have knowledge this sort of thing is happening in the world. In places we cannot reach, and likely if we are honest with ourselves, would not want to subject ourselves to.

The third level, if you are able to do things on your own and no one is controlling you-and that’s where we have a knowledge (whether cognitive or sensed otherwise) of the premise of autonomy in real question.

The fourth level, to be separated, exists at all times and yet so as long as the loss of autonomy doesn’t go to far, people are able to form groups. This is where the ideology of individualism really throws my brain for a loop. Why would anyone want to keep people separate or divided? Well, the other rungs below separation seem to be much easier to achieve that way then.

Finally, the ego death-the topic the new age and self help genre loves to appeal to the most with truthful statements, which really don’t relate to the rest. These kind of help oriented idea maybe mean well, but if we are simply floating in a paradigm of thought based existence, then those lofty ideas don’t really connect with the rest of the pyramid. And this orientation about life tends to feel hollow, vapid, fleeting. Transcending? Transcending what?

The most useful aspect of this diagram I have seen is to recognize so as long as all of these levels are acknowledged, when someone or a system or whatever that seems external to your own self/body/mind attempts to use fear to motivate/activate your body-then there can be found some form of coercion and manipulation. You are the driver of your body/life/mind/vessel. This matters as an aspect of the value of freedom. Which…leads me to this book (admittedly I have yet to read. I tend to come toward books slowly, digesting the ideas behind the title, then absorbing the text from the pages) What We Want Is Free

Again, to be aware, of the “is”…the idea here “is” free. What “is” free? This kind of determination and connection with want/desire seems interesting to me, particular since the book centers on artistic practices. Anyone care to join in reading this book with me? 🙂  costs some money and time. So…what time are we living now? A time based on values relative to commodity. Are these values based on actual values? more so cultural agreements upon values-a net of flux. And so the value of culture production, has been critiqued for the market value of art. There always seems some aspect of humor when people display a real riled-upness about certain items celebrated at large auctions and in museums. Often these itms are present-day affirming purchases. So if you don’t like it, or want things that way? You have the complete freedom already to choose another way. I invite you to support artists, thinkers, creators, experiences, and so forth that align with your values 😉

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