slow winter becomes less present or present in ways still wishing to be ignored.

the preference for sun giving way to drier lands


the tugging weight of empathy for tears falling

pains become feared and stigmatised through pathologies

a secret to keep quiet, a trauma to bury

all eventually coming forth from the ground

an ideal start or proposed projection to make


to maintain that which remains hidden within

the unseen areas of feeling and sense within the body

confronted by beliefs and the inability to accept

glaciers are melting and waters are rising


conditions grow not as problems but as sensory signals

signs without meaning

events with consequence

and to what responsibility can be owned

but the full embracing of each life

for each life choosing close to its home

a beating source we call heart

sentimentalised and cajoled into the realm of reason


conflating a mystery of that which exists


obscuring art through language


and redistricting access

a dark hole of a trap to steer clear from




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