Pictures are a large part of my life. Hell they’re a big part of a lot of people’s lives these days. And those two quick thoughts easily summarise what I have found the colloquialism of “the bigger picture” to mean. To consider the multitude of angles and positions one could direct attention and focus toward around a situation. The situation can be simple, dynamic, confusing, enjoyable, chaotic. Whatever sort of adjective could be ascribed to (pick your topic, relation, goal, dynamic), this kind of multitudeness creates the bigger picture. The big picture has been a really excellent conceptual framework for shifting out of feeling pressured or burdened by reasons, conditions and outside forces (which could be real or perceived forces), and getting back into the sense of agency I can embody and exercise in life. Quite often the phrase “seeing the bigger picture” is called upon when someone is complaining, feeling bad, wanting more, feeling disabled, or closed off. And not that feeling bad means anything bad at all. But for me, and my goal of feeling entered and excellent most of the time, I tend to enjoy wanting what I have, feeling enabled, and connected. After a lot of practice, it’s become a flick of a thought in my mind and my entire disposition shifts, my mood, my systemic framework, and my physiology changes.

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