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What does it mean

A collection of words that I often saw in documents about art and art exhibitions in Norway, translated into english using Google Translate. 

Gruppeutstillinger / group exhibitions

Godt etablerte / well established

Innkjøp / purchase

Museer / museum

Samlinger / collections

Bildene blir bygget sammen / The images are built

Billeduniverset / picture universes

Forlengst veletablert / long established

Eksisterer som et minne / towns exist only as memory

Viser /shows

Streker / streak

Linjer / lines

Billedrommet / pictoral space

Fornemmelse / feeling

Abstrahert / abstracted

Visuell / visual

Sanselig / sensual

Syne / seems

Uuttømmelig / inexhaustible

Enormt spekkter / vast range

Naturen / scenery

Viktig / important

Kunsthistorie / art history

Samtidis / simultaneously

Intenst nærværende/ intensely present




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