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  • Over a Streambed A Body Formed In the Light Refracted From Waves

Images are forms of virtual, projected, embodied material woven with time. Film is light stamped in material time. Material is a form of time. 

Rachel Wolfe (b. 1984, Dixon, Illinois) is a multi-disciplinary international artist. Interested in the Platonic ideals and Sublime, her works nurture reverence for beauty. By synthesising images, ancient myths, elemental theories, psychology, and the senses, the aesthetic and material choices serve to engage parietal aspects of perception, revealing patterns in landscapes and the quintessence of forms. Her inquiry into the ways places make people invite viewers’ to consider their personal relationships with notions of nature and the sacred. Her roots in performance and appreciation for kinesthesiology and conservation informed method making in Virtual Material, Sublime Timescapes, Magnetics In-Material, Pattern Recognition, Visual Literacy, and Body Architecture.  Her award-winning work is held in private and public collections, including monolithic image and text, Omniscient, awarded 1st in the Imaging New Eurasia exhibition in Gwangju (SK, 2015) and Art Farm Iowa (US, 2023). Wolfe was poet and artist in residence in Paris (FR, 2023), Kjerringøy Land Art (NO, 2020), Angelot-Trélex (CH, 2019), Praksis Oslo (NO, 2017), Praxisdansfestivalen (NO, 2017). She holds with honours MFA (2015), BA (2006), and completed studies in Interior Design, Butoh, Photography, History of Photography, and Social Psychology in Norway, Illinois, and Japan. The American-Nordic artist works internationally since 2015.



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