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  • Over a Streambed A Body Formed In the Light Refracted From Waves

Film is light stamped in material time. Material is a form of time. An image a form of material.

Rachel Wolfe (b. 1984) is an artist using art-research and allegory. Interested in the Platonic ideals and Sublime, she takes from ancient myths, five-element theory, psychology, photography, and synesthesia. Her aesthetic and material choices motivate her interest to reveal or evoke ways the resplendent beauty of quintessence presents itself in landscapes and forms. Through several mediums, such as in Virtual Material and Sublime Timescapes, the questions of how places make people invite viewers’ senses to consider what is sacred and enduring. Her roots in performance, and appreciation for kinesthesiology and conservation, inform method making in Magnetics In-Material, Pattern Recognition, Visual Literacy, and Body Architecture. Monolithic image and text, Omniscient, received 1st place by the Asia Culture Center jury in the Imaging New Eurasia exhibition in Gwangju, South Korea. She completed residencies, studies, and projects in USA, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, and France. She builds bridges between the US and Nordics, working as a photographer, writer, performer, researcher, curator, and teacher.




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