human minds were not

meant to divide attention

ten different ways


Trondheim, Norway


3 thoughts on “12.September.2019

  1. Middle Ku
    How about 11?
    Or 3?
    When i am asleep
    I am 4 years old.
    My cabinet
    Of subconscious
    Gets explored
    By association
    One by one
    A task from my library of memory
    That i have built
    With labor
    Since infancy
    While i cannot
    my Smithsonian Institution
    with its trained staff
    tells me what to see
    I merely pretend
    to be awake.

    1. Is your writing to be simultaneously read as poem and reply? Authentic or pretending wakefulness is an area up for discernment at all times. Hopefully not by governing authority alone as their standards do not require much wakefulness but lots of nodding. Overall the standards in question have been built upon observations that can stand to benefit from considering the diversity of world views. I see many people working towards this but the internet it the only place I have witnessed gathering the data. Does that make sense?

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