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social media makes personal universes
with walls permitting those who agree
to graffiti, erasing those who differ
an echo chamber of personal sovereignty
privilege became an assault word
joy became something to hide
someone so over communing
serving a discourse in fiery minds
a way of saying this way not that
no because I know better
wondering how communion breaks down
the gaze, the look, assumed empty embraces
discourse tracks adjacent opposed to communication
a train wreck destined to happen
the path clear from ivory towers
farmers, human callers
cities have also their beaches
the blame media and material objects
and hold in their body a free will
to say, to do, to choose
turn up a nose
look sideways
reach out
face the fellow who tossed out the trash
reached beyond a respectable grasp
common sense says we sense
right and wrong
long before anyone tells us to
the limits of tolerance
when did fighting corporations
unholy alliances and snide marks
become valued more than
making the most of everyday.

-R.Wolfe, Oslo, Norway

contemporary venice timescape

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