Being Real in a Virtual Time

God was not just a mythological persona used to control populations, the ideas and the stories were also ways to describe a motive that could lead to: 


generating life

creating harmony among people, otherwise prone to fighting 

Was the fault of religion to give rise to people who abuse power? In the face of reality, we can see the repeated abdication of responsibility, complicity buttress these avenues for corruption to take place. 

Corruption also gives rise to other motives, and so in 2019, we see an acceptance and normalisation of an increasing amount of life motives which would have been imprisoned or burned. 

People are increasingly free, increasingly well fed, and sold stories about moral and economical superiority without having the actual lived experience to back up the claims.

In thinking about what is true and real, or what is good and life giving, one can bear to benefit from approaching ideas to see their contents and results, to study history, make amends and go forth making choices responsibly-otherwise the future generations pay for our missteps and the course of history repeats on exponentially growing layers.

Science fiction and fiction are not the basis of myth, but instead the misunderstanding and appropriation of what people believe is right and good for the individual again.

Humans are always at moral, ethical, political, personal, aesthetic choices. We need to learn how to read all the signs, the visual cues, the senses, while retaining a sense of moral compass. 

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