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every morning the people woke

not to work, but to media  __repeating



motivating guilt movements

to prey upon freedom

an ideal inciting fights


lies made of good virtue

exercised as images of social servitude

abundant in forms of covert self-flagellation


distrusting sides motivated to divide

by their shared private demons

instead of venting palms down an aisle

the hairs spewed onto public forums


morphing the digital mediums

drawing deeper relations with our bodies

fixes inoculated by the paradox in a lie about problems


policies on new addictions formed

support groups and steps

for the self believed weak began to follow


we rely upon the other

to build ideal worlds, upon real worlds

and while people fought and bickered

wasting away the days

for the belief capital itself was heavy


while values ought be free

the hippies had unsuccessfully attempted escape

no one made it out sane or unaltered by trances

the dances of verses on

the eloquence of the universe


some bought experience via pills

while beggars and thieves sat mighty

amongst virtue signals of advanced societies


while desires burning men alive

slowly put out their internal fires

by minimising generative hormones


ingesting yesterday’s ashes

motors of desire rid any feelings of Lack

chasing up their backs


warm bodies grew cold

by the isolation of those

who keeping asking, ask, ask, ask

always wanting more


those who live in peace

resigned to standing firm

in relationship with life

seem to not flinch at those crying: more

beg for more, will do whatever can be reasoned

to shake a little bit _more


Each day days work in standing

a little bit more

free from any kind of belief

exercising fewer postures

giving way toward designed signals


knowing a way nor better or lesser

standing are for shallows

and the depths are tested by the guts


your life says so

do what you so choose

let those go on claiming virtue

sing their sirens

and keep on driving

feet deeper into the soil

each step

all at a time


-9 February 2018. Oslo, Norway

R Wolfe



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