ELVELANGS I FAKKELLYS, Oslo, Norway, public installations for autumn 2018 & 2017

2018: Dual Site Installation: Vesper Monumenter and Et Dypt Nett, Frysja in Nordre Aker Bydel and Smelteverket in the Vulkan Mathallen.


VESPER MONUMENTER, 2018, 8 sculptures, tin-foil and snow-markers, lights with blue photo-gel filters for twilight frequency, “Shimmer” video projection. The Vesper Monumenter sculptures stand as pillars reflecting light in the twilight to darkened landscape, and were part of a dual-site installation with Frysja in the Nordre Aker Bydel and the Et Dypt Nett light and sculptures at Smelteverket in the Vulkan Mathallen Arena, in Oslo, Norway. 







SHIMMER, 2018, single-channel video, original musical score.














ET DYPT NETT, 2018, 8 sculptures with light, Smelteverket, Vulkan Mathallen.




ELVELANGS I FAKKELLYS, Oslo, Norway, Elvelangs is an annual celebration and night walk for the autumnal equinox.   The public is invited and suitable for all ages. Installations were made for autumn 2018 & 2017.





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