FIBERS, An ongoing collection of various fiber art projects and commissions.

For commissions contact Rachel at: atelierwolfe@icloud.com

Desert Sands, 2020, single colour wool/acrylic blend with silk mohair accent, commissioned by a film director.

Nordic Sol, 2020, single colour cotton with two-wool, collected by an artist in Italy.

Denison Borealis Blanket, 2018, dip-dye alpaca, wool bland. Gifted.

Cake Comfort, 2019, multi-coloured wool, sold to collector in Los Angeles.

Ovalo Gift, 2019,  single colour wool/acrylic blend, commissioned by an artist for a family gift. 

Bellarus Wrap, 2019,  single colour wool/acrylic blend, single colour alpaca. Commissioned by a client as a gift for a family member abroad in Bellarus.

Stein Sjerf, 2019,  single colour wool/acrylic blend, single colour alpaca. Commissioned by a muscian, educator, and public service professional in Los Angeles, California. 

Music Progeny Wrap, 2019,  single colour wool/acrylic blend, multi-colour alpaca, commissioned by a designer and business owner in Oslo, for his daughter. 

Hauge Bliss Wrap, 2019,  single colour wool/acrylic blend, single colour alpaca. Commissioned by an Osteopath in Oslo, Norway.

Silverberg Tre Skjerf, 2016-2017, dip-dye brown wool, white and maroon alpaca. Scarf with poem purchased by nature scientist and geographer. “As rings on a tree, this soft wrap grew, knitted, unearthing, mighty threads of soft white into rounds, encircling, a body warm.

Wagner Vein Blanket, 2017,  two-colour wool. Purchased by an artist & collector.

Keeping warm. The relationship between the mind and the body can be most directly understood by experience. As feeling and sensation are subjective, individual territory, the Vein Blanket uses colours to visualise pathways in which circulation travels around the body. The weight of this blanket makes carrying and transport something considered, to not take lightly. As the body and its contents and discontents worth weighing. The warmth of this blanket, producing a by-the-fire experience in the frigid Norwegian winters.

Yun Bundle Blanket, 2016, dip-dyed acrylic, cotton blend. Gifted.

Keeping cool. Transitioning from the body into the world marks quite often a change in temperature and a temporary change in temperament. The dyed yarn symbolises the transitioning from one space to another, and is knit in a loose manner to allow air to circulate freely when wrapped around the body. The blanket was made for a friend in the early stages of second gestation. The blanket was made to be a shared item between the siblings, to keep cool and also protected in the humid Korean summers.

Gottardo Florence Mohair, 2016, single coloured mohair. Gifted.

A mother and her daughter will share so much. This wrap was made to function both as blanket, as scarf, shawl, and represent the bond between a mother and daughter.

In beginning fibres art appeared a means to materialise the ineffable.

Red Scarf in the Sun. What one thing appears can really be another-without a scarf this scene would have brought about the cold. Protecting the neck, and holding up the head-with a scarf. I thought about the travel pillows in airports and if there could be something less garish-and also still functional. This scarf was made for that.T

Handmade Pillows. Working with found materials from my Oma. She had fabrics and buttons I had never seen. Have never made a pillow case before, I sewed the edges by hand and made button holes and fasteners so they could be washed by hand.

Fog Blanket. Working with wool from Ukrainian sheep, dyed in the color of the foggy nordic sky.

Waterfall Tapestry. Art class assignment was to make a traditional tapestry. I failed the assignment for lack of technical proficiency. I wanted to create the textures of a forest I saw in a dream. The waterfall, flowing out after a tapering point around the forest, some stones inside (the beads).

  • First project in grad school art course.

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