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FLEURESSENCE, 2014-2022, digitally manipulated photography, sizes vary. Fleuressence is part of a larger body of works called: Virtual Material including GIF/Mp4 Transitions/Movements made for prints, videos, installations, projections, use in performances. These terrain-scapes are proposed as woven images, connected by threads to each layer of imagery. As part of the larger body of work: Virtual Material exploits several aspects of photography while engaging in multiplicity of subjects including water, stones, forests, technology, vision, body, perception, ethics, joy and care. Virtual Material works include: Mouvements, Teknovisuell Experience, Sonidos, Ultraviolet Forest, and a number of videos and installation artworks as prints, projections, wall coverings, acrylic prints, garments


In Fleuressence, landscapes are cast in a UV spectrum often used for forensics and medical imaging based on the concept of the technological sun/son. As an emergent facet of homeosapient activity, the engagement with the type of light and ways of being inform that which we become and invite reconsiderations on that which already is and that which shall emerge. Imagining how animals or robots remember a landscape, the aesthetic phosphorescence in the terrain-scapes posit a depiction of sensory perceptions inviting viewers into a sublime visual memory of our bodied relationship with nature. The original images were made at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois, a historical battle site between settlers and natives. While present-day landscapes often gazed at through illuminated screens, the Fleuressence series invites viewers into a physical witness of bodied experience in visual material. 







Bora, 2018, informed by Nancy Holt and Richard Serra’s Boomerang video.




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