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Hercules’s Chalice, 2023, 11:22 minutes, single-channel video. The video is an attempt to redeem Hercules’s faith in Gilgamesh, who betrayed his anointed accomplice and everyone’s trust when he believe the found the fountain of youth. In that Gilgamesh took it all for himself, an long path toward a chalice, formed in the negative space of the trees, invites the viewer on a journey bookmarked by the visual memory of the bare tree. Lone trees in fields symbolise a resilience and rest nearly all people can relate to. When faced with betrayal, the imaginary or memory of fulfilment redeems a pilgrimage as a recovery from the pain of deceit.


This video and those found on this website are included in the Videokunstarkivet, administered by the Nasjonalmuseet in Oslo, Norway. Contact: to arrange for exhibitions or screenings of the film.


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