Somme, 2019, The whole of nature through beauty and brutality, the finite and unrelenting. Enchanting film exposures represent the impermeability of relentless changes-the way life, society, seasons, build and fall.

Verēri, 2012 – ongoing, size noted under image. Nurturing a sense of reverence to the nature from which we come and return. Film exposures from Southern Norway landscapes depict pastoral stillness and sensual immersion in the visual field. To discuss nature, we must be prepared to consider brutality, grandeur, and movements leading to visible forms.

  • 2018, Laid to Rest

Surreal Landscape, 2016-2019, film exposures made in Colorado and Norway are digitally transformed by scanning and picking up the scanners’ interpretation of the film. The images transpose the digitisation process through nature forms to look at the way viewing information relates with the human body. The ways and what we see as how they connect within what is defined as soul, spirit or psyche. Coming from industrialisation and through the digitisation age, to consider the changes visualisation has with the human relationship with the environment.

  • 2018, Over The Streambed A Body Formed From the Light Refracted in Waves.

Tungtvann (heavy water), 2017 film photographs expose the elements of nature that slowly kill and the places where small, deliberate acts of resistance contributed to the result of WWII. The scenes in the spring forest & heavy water factory, Rjukan, Vemork, Norway, reimagine the psychological landscapes of the past in 2017.