Virtual Material consists of Images & Videos on themes of memory, water, and movement. ImagesBevegelseneTeknovisuell Experience, Relatively Dimensional Still-life 1919 in 2017, Ultraviolet Forest, Sirens Series, Sublime Domains, Isen, Videos: Solfege Souche, Nature Erotique, Shimmer, Stop Bath, Air Stream

Bevegelsene, 2015-2018, size variable. Film exposures of Oslofjord, scanned, digitally worked to highlight the iridescent light refractions from the film material and the light refraction in the Nordic sea known for its oil extraction.

Teknovisuell Experience, 2015-2016, size variable. Water & digital imaging technology emphasise degradation process of uploading and downloading through social media. Installation of Detail #5 at Otis College of Art & Design engages relationship of body & space to the clarity of the perceived image. Various installation formats available upon request.

  • Digital images, 2015-2016, printed at 61,04 x 76,2 cm (24 x 30in)

Relatively Dimensional Still-life, 1919 in 2017, 5 image set, archive ink on digital negative film (13 x 19 inch). Ltd. edition of 3.

  • 33.02 x 48.26 ( 13 x 19 in ), prints on digital negative darkroom film with archival ink.

Ultraviolet Forest, 2015. Images cast in UV spectrum.

Sirens Series, 2014, photographic image on acrylic, size variable. Artist proofs on paper. Digital audio files applied as grids upon film exposures of rural landscapes in a digital manipulation process.

  • Sirens series, 2014, photographic image on acrylic, sizes vary.

Sublime Domains, 2013 – ongoing series. Digital print on matte paper. Sizes vary unless otherwise noted.

  • Daisy Chain, 2013, 152.4 x 102cm (60 x 40in) 60 x 40 in

Isen, gif, 2015.

Solfége Souche, 2018, single channel video

Nature Erotique, 2018, single channel video,  Proxy Gallery

Shimmer, 2018, single channel video, exhibited at Elvelangs i fakkellys 2018 &

Stop Bath, 2017, single channel video projection, exhibited at Oslo Art & Fashion Festival &

Air Stream, 2018, silent single channel video for projection