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The shadow. The phrase has been taken up by New Age and counterculture groups. The New Age areas twist and pervert the ideas to suite their ends, which have often to with nebulous terms such as community which go under the guise of well and good but are usually functioning on someone else’s free labor. Who dare speak out about that? And what is the value of speaking of shadow? What is a shadow? The darkness cast behind your physical existence. The shadow changes through various landscapes, but your body exists whether or not the shadow exists. On a conceptual level, the space in the mind, the associations the shadow are dark. As there lies visually a darkened space given the direction of the sun, to your body. The body, delineating a space in time, as part of existence. Is existence itself dark? And what were all the tomes of essays leading to? But the acceptance of existence. The shadow can be darker, greyer and only exists so as long s you do. To what end does configuring and thinking about the shadow do? Belabour the reality of existence. The image in this post, showing a gentle touch, on the shadow illustrating an effort to attempt to touch a shadow, possible by the compression of space in a photograph.

Rachel Wolfe
Oslo, Norway 2018


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