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Gerd Grimsø and Marianne Nymo suggest we make a Husprosjekt where each week, each of us comes up with a group project to do together and present the results. The first week, Gerd tasked us to make something with 10 birch branches and a poem. Next week, Marianne will assign our task. The last week I will have to have come up with something. We share our projects with each other and discuss whether or not to present them at our artist talk in Kjerringøy on 7 november 2020 kl. 13. For now I share with you the project and poem I completed on a day I walked about 18 kilometers on accident. It was what I might have called a perfect day.  We had reindeer and elk for dinner at Ane’s house.



Being is a held breath

and between these branches

are one-hundred-thousand breaths

toward the heaven

before the descent

back to the present.





Aquarelle, paper, glue with 10 birch branches. / Akvarell, papir, lim, med 10 bjørk grenene.

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