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MOUVEMENTS (BEVEGELSENE), 2015-2018, photography, public artwork, textiles. Exhibitions at Vérité and Akers Mek in Oslo, Norway, 100 x 140 cm, Epson Archival Ink, mounted on kapa. The series is part of Virtual Material projects. Virtual Material works include: Mouvements, Teknovisuell Experience, Sonidos, Ultraviolet Forest, and a number of videos and installation artworks as prints, projections, wall coverings, acrylic prints, garments. The series is available for printing limited edition prints, on metal, vinyl wall-coverings, custom panels, mosaics and facades for public art. Scroll down to view concept mock-ups for commercial installations. Contact: 

The Mouvements series looks at the materiality of digital imaging technology. Informed by tensions in oil and water resources, the sublime iridescence in water forms are highlighted by minuscule film grains amplified after film scanning. The mutable quality of water and beauty is activated by the hypnotic colour palette used in screen technology. The epistemology of water, or ways we come to understand intelligences in water remains an ongoing endeavour. To see what humans are doing with technology, invites and requires extended looking and consideration. By engaging distances in viewing, the ways appearances can obfuscate and reveal, expand and contract, engage the senses of movement and stillness through looking. The images in the series take up elements of oil and water as allegory for technocratic times. Umberto Eco wrote in several books on late modernity including Chronicles of a Liquid Society in nuanced detail, poetically posited in the series: images are read, and embodied cognitive connections and relations are realised as a malleable surfaces.



PUBLIC ART MOCKUPS AND MATERIAL POSSIBILITIES: Artaic Custom Mosaic Tile, Equitone Fiber Cement Facade, Acyrlic or Textile Panels, Projections






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