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Platonic Forms, 2009-2020

Platonic FormsStonesleft12.5 W x 17.5 H x 0 D in, Over 10 years ago, the canvas was collaged with natural pigment paper. The dyes were black beans, beets, and blueberries. Faded by the sun over time, the papers were stripped from the canvas. The canvas was cut into curves forms. The arranged forms of dyed canvas are held together by glue. This is a one of a kind artwork about the feminine story of Plato’s cave, through the use of irregularity, shapes, and time. The work is available for exhibition and collection:


Platonic Forms, Analogue Recordsright, 7 W x 7 H x 0 D in, The collage was made of analogue photography prints, cut and pasted together. Archival ink pen details add texture to the edges and body of the composition. The glue substrate holding the work together is backed by paper. The work has be collected. To commission a piece for exhibition or collection:



Platonic Forms, Kobalt Stones, 2022, egg yolk, kobalt pigment, linen. Kobalt is a mineral taken from the earth and used in technological devices. The linen fiber, platonic forms are painted with egg yolk and preservative, mixed with the kobalt from a mine called Blåfargeværket in Telemark, Norway. The platonic forms focus on sensation, density, notions of labor, progress, weight and form. The pieces are wholes and parts and can be arranged to the collectors preference. The work is available for exhibition and collection:


Gouache Paintings, 2019, made at Angelot, Jura Mountain foothills, during The Trélex Residency. Exhibited May at Trance& in Oslo, Norway. Several sets have been sold or collected. To commission gouache transfers or learn more about the process:







Forms in Colors, 2006 – ongoing, acyrlic paintings. The paintings have been sold or collected. Commissions: The featured painting was made to conjure joy. The abstractions came from visions of bodies roaming mountains and forests, dancing by fires along bodies of water in celebration of the Dionysian. 


Selected paintings and works on paper on Saatchi Art.

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