SUMMARY American born, and living in Norway since 2015; I am a team player with a curious outlook and dedicated work ethic. I was classically trained in dance, piano, and visual arts. I’ve worked within arts since 1999, with the projects in mural and land artwork projects. Since 2006, I worked with media, marketing, and communications. Since 2011, I guided movement and meditation courses for people of all ages and backgrounds. I enjoy serving as a creative, consultant, researcher, presenter, and educator. My interests include biology, geology, and the ways creativity intersects with science, technology, and psychology. My background has included work in design, writing, photography, consulting, and production in fields of art, education, marketing, media, and development. I am interested to apply my education, life, and work experiences to support the future through new roles. I believe the cooperation of sciences and art offers generative ways for people to work together toward shared goals.





2008 – now   ARTIST & CREATIVE PRODUCER  |  Freelance – On-site, Online

Consulting and content creation, marketing research, web analytics, SEO, critical thinking, project management, social media and campaign strategy. Freelance photography and video for media. Creative skills used: copywriting, photography, web and print design including layouts, videos, and editing. Creative direction included creating events and installations, from conception, on-site work, and presentations. Managed multiple projects, requiring diverse skills, on multiple timelines, in different timezones. Duties and responsibilities ranged from working independently and on-site, or as a contributing member, as part of a team. Attention to detail, relationship building, storytelling, using verbal and written communications across diverse cultures and countries. 

Clients: BBC, 22nd Century Media, Kastel Shoes, Nordre Aker Bydel, Smeltverket at Vulcan, Temoco, Bare Flyt, Yoto Studio, Ekebergparken, Barnas Open House Oslo, Boffi Studio, Outdoor Illinois Wildlife, MIT, The Cook Chicago, Dales Bottle Stoppers, Healing Spring Acupuncture, Socially Authentic, JB Chicago, Resume Strategies, Akasha Yoga Studio, iTeach iOS, Driven Realty, Department of Natural Resources, Jesse Bornstein Architecture, PXS Architecture.


2012 – now    MOVEMENT INSTRUCTOR  |  Yoto Studio – Oslo, Norway

Leading mind/body movement courses for all ages. Workshops relating body to environment. Yoto is a form of movement combining dance, tai chi, yoga, Chinese Medicine philosophy.


2016 – 2020   PHOTO REVIEWER & WRITER  |  LensCulture – Online

Writing editorial content, conducting artist interviews, and contributing to over 400 project reviews. Building rapport with artists and connecting audiences to critical discourses in contemporary photography.


2016 – 2017   ADMISSIONS COUNSELLOR  |  Otis College – Los Angeles, California

Counselled graduate and undergrad applicants. Grew enrolment through portfolio reviews and presentations in national/international travel. Data entry and maintenance of detailed records in CRM management. Attentive listening and empathy throughout international, admissions processes. Trouble-shooting and researching administration and applicant questions. Maintaining a maximum 48-hour response time with a positive attitude and diplomacy. Leading campus tours, while answering and directly questions to department expertise.


2013 – 2015   TEACHING ASSISTANT  |  Otis College – Los Angeles, California

Supported professors in teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in art and photography with materials preparations, assisting in critiques and individual mentorship, conducting research and organising materials, providing support during student studio time, labwork, and field-trips around Los Angeles. Taking the initiative to digitise class materials for the professor and students to access through download. Classes: Graduate Modernism to Conceptualism, Undergraduate Advanced Photography.


2012 – 2013    GALLERY MANAGER  |  College of Lake County – Grayslake, Illinois

The Community Exhibits Coordinator position including managing daily operations for a gallery and annexed gallery sales shop. During my time serving for the gallery spaces, I developed inventory sales system with the college’s IT department, instituted gallery sales shop policies and formalised artist contracts to build rapport with a growing network of artists in the community. Delivered financial reports and deposits with the accounting department. Grew art sales for the artists and the college, while and building trust within the visual communications department by running a student logo contest and rebranding the gallery sales shop website. Juried a student photography contest based on my professional background with photography. Managed and planned themed exhibitions and events with catering and live musicians. Organised a holiday fundraiser with over 200 attendees and 30 artists in cooperation with the college’s facilities, biology, accounting, and PR department. Led open meditations during lunchbreaks and yoga courses for professors, faculty, and staff.


2006 – 2008   COPYWRITER   |  MSI & Momentum – Chicago, Illinois

In-house and contract agency work. Wrote client-winning presentations, taglines, headlines, concept development, style guides, and body copy for consumer packaged goods. Branding, product naming, trademark, patent research in government database for client such as Wahl, The Home Depot, BonTon, Sam’s Club, and Kohl’s. Additional brands included Kraft, Triscuit, Tombstone, A1, Mac ’n Cheese, and Chicago Blackhawk’s Pitch. Photographed produced in-house for the agency’s portfolio and mockups for client presentations. Assisted on photoshoots.




2013 – 2015 MASTER FINE ART | Otis College of Art and Design – Los Angeles, California 

Art history from 1800s, modern & post-modern theory, studio art, critique


2003 – 2006 BACHELOR ART | Illinois Institute of Art – Schaumburg, Illinois

Interior Design, Advertising Communications. Dean/President Honours


2017 -2019 JAPANESE CULTURE | Keio Univerity & University of Oslo 

Courses: Rare Books, Washi Paper, Butoh Dance, Avante-Garde, Music Moves


2015 NORWEGIAN LANGUAGE | Rosenhof Voksensopplæring – Oslo, Norway 


2013 PHOTOGRAPHY | College of Lake County – Grayslake, Illinois

Courses: History of Photography and Darkroom


2013 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY | Ehime University – Matsuyama-shi, Japan


1993 – 2003 CLASSICAL PIANO | Byron, Illinois


1990 – 2003 DANCE | Various Studios – Ogle County, Illinois

Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop




HARDWARE  Mac/PC, Digital/Film Cameras 

SOFTWARE  Apple/Google/Microsoft, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, iMovie, YouTube, WordPress/WebDevelopment 

CREATIVE  Photo, video, writing, drawing/illustration, styling, singing, music composition, dance

INSTRUCTION  Movement, meditation and breathing, dance, art/theory





ANNETTA KAPON | Graduate Chair, Otis College, Los Angeles, CA

T: +1 (310) 665-6848  E:


ERICK ROWE | Professor, College of Lake County, Grayslake, IL

T: +1 (847) 543-2552  E:


CHRIS SISSON | Professor, Rockford College, Rockford, IL

T: +1 (815) 632-7984  E:


JOHN WAGNER | Painter, Former AS3 Facilities Manager, Denmark

T: +‭45 21 22 00 78‬   E: