Security Blanket (troubleweed)

Installation with Security blanket (troubleweed), 2015, installation, Bolsky Gallery, Los Angeles, California, traveling object. Materials: Photographic print on bathing towel (troubleweed), wooden monkey, dried roses, clear plexi, twine, golden clamps, cotton bags of salt labeled “take me”, a few left with visitors to the exhibition.



The installation: explores symbolic and literal functions of narrative. Symbolic objects specifically arranged in space make material from: Boundary, Grief, Security, Transparency, Choice. The Photographic print on bathing towel (troubleweed) continues to be sent via USPS & photographed by artists, continuing the installations thematic elements based on: Trust, Transparency, Choice, Cooperation, Resource.


The traveling towel: USPS continues to provide a form of information travel across vast space of the United States landscape. Letters once carried by horse, traverse through machine horsepower and sorting, with humans remaining as critical points within a system, the point where human makes contact with the machines. These brief moments of human contact then send an object traveling through time and space. Though the trust we wish our mail to arrive at its destination. The project works as an aggregate, routing through mail, documentation, archiving and eventually publishing and exhibition. Each arrival of the towel encounters a new form of photographic documentation. These visions and location compiled in the act of imaging. Personal motive and personal labor are made as free choice. There are no time constraints on the project, but there are labours of will, care, effort, to witness the human as the maker of what science deems: spooky action at a distance, and philosophy posits as effects of systemic operation. Who is really behind the levies but the wills and desires of the people? The installation transformed into an ongoing body of work, through bodies of labor, in the time of the internet, where communication and the quality of sincerity has expanded so far as to be questioned to exist at all, and critiqued as sentimental. This work serves as a scientific proof, an archive, a record of the real existence of the motives of care, play, trust, and free will, within systems of commodity and capital, connecting people across timezones and geography, through the means in which some claim as a critique to destroy such human bonds, and in (troubleweed)  shows the developing forces as a Douglas Adams described in HGG: a towel: is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.

Original film image of an Ojai tumbleweed in the Los Angeles River.


Troubleweed bathing towel photographed as hypothetical bathing towel at Bygdøy Sjobad, Oslo, Norway, 2016.





Troubleweed bathing towel photographed as a Dog Day Story by Mark Uhalley, Los Angeles, California, 2017. Mark’s Vimeo channel.





Troubleweed bathing towel photography as An Empty Pool by Bryan Bankston, Richmond, Texas, 2017. Bryan’s Photography page on Facebook.




Troubleweed bathing towel photography as a Beach Day Desire Story by Stephanie Larson, Fort Myers, Florida, 2017.  Instagram @wellspringwonder.




Troubleweed bathing towel photography as a Fire Escape Story by Christina Song, Chicago, Illinois, 2017. Instagram @softycreamy




Troubleweed bathing towel photography as an Elephant Story by Maggie Meiners, photographed in Africa, 2017. Maggie’s website. @maggiemeinersphotography




Troubleweed bathing towel photography as legs looking toward the bay by Justine Genevieve Bianco, Palo Alto, 2017. Justine’s Website.




Troubleweed bathing towel photography as mourning veil by Brett Manning, Royal Center, Indiana, 2018. Brett’s Instagram & Etsy Shoppe.




Trouble weed bathing towel photography by Maren’s Celest, Chicago, Illinois, 2018.

Maren’s Instagram and her new album on Spotify.





Trouble weed bathing towel photography by Yulia Morris, Los Angeles, California, 2019. Yulia’s Instagram.



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