WHY? For over 21 years, I have invested in understanding relationships between Vision and Body, Human and Habitat. The ways Places make a people drew me to look deeply into connections between physiological and psychological aspects of landscape, or the ways invisible and visible perceptions connect with our senses create relationships with lived experiences. I work to strengthen awareness and reverence for our connection with nature. For example, Butoh dance movements are formed from a mental Image. Movements from mental images create compelling performances. And yet when the encounter of the world as it exists, questions of objectivity and subjectivity, a priori, precognition, dreams, and reality are engaged in a relational method. The impressions of being on-site during residencies afford depth investigation into Image and Installation making for experiences or performances connecting with viewers. Artist-in-Residences are competitive to be invited to, and once accepted require travel and disruption from other work activities. For years, I believed each person must find a way, alone. This misconception was corrected by years of experience and the guidance of mentors nudging me to seek support. Therefore, I created this page for us to directly connect through. I hope this page offers ease in the accessibility of becoming a patron of the arts.


HOW? During the residencies, I maintain processes and journals while developing new work. The processes are translated into workshops, allowing me to return and share what I learn in forms of knowledge to others. Though we live in a time of liberally sharing information, these processes are sensitive and privileged for the participants in the workshops. A limited amount of information available to the public, while more in-depth information is available to patrons of my work. The ways you can support my work are described are below. Thank you for your continued support of the artistic research and realisation of projects.


SCHEDULE: Autumn 2020 AiR Kerringøy, in the Arctic Circle near Bodø, Norway



I. VIDA Shop | Share the link to this page

II. $30, travelogue access

III. $100, travelogue access, donor-only access to a private online gallery and digital downloads

IV. $300, travelogue access, donor-only access to a private online gallery and digital downloads, limited edition photograph signed, mailed to you







Donors: Include your full name, email, and mailing address when making donations. Payments are secured through Stripe or PayPal: Please email me with your interest and questions:


30seconds of Lake Michigan tryptich on acrylic $1000


Foldable Tote Bag $40


Commissioned Woolies $130 – $240 based on size & materials.